Bad Luck? Check.
Bad Decisions? Check.
Bad Hangovers? Check.
Regrets? No way!
Mike is dumped by his girlfriend while on a trip to Miami, throwing his well ordered life upside-down. Aided by his philandering friend and co-worker Shane, Mike the bachelor makes increasingly bad decisions that threaten to ruin him. While trying to get his life back on track, he learns taking sleeping pills before flying is a terrible idea, why playing rugby impresses women but not your boss, and impersonating a porn star can be hazardous to your health. When Mike meets the woman of his dreams on a trip to Paris, he has the opportunity to turn their fling into something more. Will he be able to keep from screwing it up, or regret the one that got away?
A story of Murphy’s Law, friendship, love, and good intentions gone awry.

A little about Jim first:

Currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, Jim has spent countless hours in bars and hotels while traveling internationally, making some interesting life choices along the way. He’s lived in Paris, London, Sofia, and all across the United States. An avid traveler and sports fan, he can often be found telling stories in his local pub. With degrees in political science and IT, Jim is used to talking at length about nothing in particular. To learn more about Jim and his writing, visit his blog.

RA Winter’s Review: 4 Stars

No Regrets in Paris is a different type of romance. It’s from a guys point of view, which in itself is pretty novel. So, what does a guy do after getting dumped… have you ever wondered? Read No Regrets in Paris to find out.
There are bits that might make you cringe. There is a lot of F* bombs, booze, and some drug use as the main character gets into scrapes with his best friend. So, if you are sensitive to these issues, it’s not for you.
What I really like about the book. The characters in this story are very well rounded. The dialog, though f* filled, as noted above, is so fluid and life like for a lot of men. It really flowed well, was never forced and the Aussie was so entertaining.
The story is a ‘how can I get over my girl’, ‘how do I get laid again’ and ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen to me in a foreign country’. All from a guys perspective.
And find a new girl.
So, ladies, if you’re wondering how your guy gets over a breakup, read on. Fellas, if you want to know how NOT to get over a breakup, well, this is the book for you.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 5 Stars

What a wonderful romantic comedy!
For a guy, Jim Tacon has written a wonderfully funny romance with No Regrets in Paris. He has done a splendid job of taking the main character Mike on a wild romantic ride with an R rating. I give it an R rating for language and drug use. I enjoyed this book, and it will be one I would read again.
No Regrets in Paris took me to Pairs, and Jim showed me the city, making me feel like I was there. His descriptions of the sights and smells and tastes are done very well, and the setting is a full-fledged character in the story. I laughed out loud more than once at Mike’s antics, and the ending left me with a good feeling. I hope there’s a sequel, I’d love to see more of Mike’s journey.
I give No Regrets in Paris 5 out of 5 stars, and Jim gets my vote to keep the books coming! I would love to read more from this author.
I urge all readers of romance to pick up a copy of No Regrets in Paris. It will put a smile on your face and a skip in your step. Good vibes from this story!
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