BLOWN AWAY is a dark domestic comedy pitting an aging trophy wife against her clueless husband and her sexually awakening daughter.
When a suspicious wife learns her husband was seen kissing his stepdaughter she leaps to conclusions, and widowhood becomes an option. The old wisecrack about a husband trading in a forty for a pair of twenties is no joke when you’re the forty.

Honey Poitrine, former beauty queen, infomercial actress, and single mom of a pre-teen daughter, is selling Magic Ladders at home shows. Her daughter Magnolia is already street smart when she and Honey meet Mac McClintock, another hustler, running his construction company out his car trunk. Mac knows minority-owned businesses have an edge in winning government contracts, and he forms H. Poitrine & Associates LLC. He also knows a wife, even a trophy wife, can’t testify against her husband. And vice-versa.



A Little About Deforest First:

Deforest Day graduated from Yale University longer ago than he wishes to contemplate. After a lengthy career as a vagabond journeyman and agent provocateur, he retired to the safer craft of Novelist.



Sherry Terry’s Review: 4-Stars

Blown Away by Deforest Day is a good story. The cover gave me the impression I would get some humor and the book does have some funny spots and giggle-worthy situations. The sentences are strong and show lots of action. It is written in Omnipresence, and I did spend time confused as to where I was at and what character’s head I was in, but not for long.

Deforest does a good job of telling a story full of corruption that leeches into all aspects of the plot.

The story starts strong, and I liked how the three main characters meet, but then we jump several years into the future where Honey and Mac are married and rich. I thought a little more was needed to get us from Mac asking Honey and her daughter, Mags out to dinner to being several years in the future. I felt I missed a lot there.

Spider was my favorite character, his wit and down-home mannerisms were funny.  I liked the way he handled situations with a no-nonsense approach.

This is a funny story filled with twists and turns, bad guys, and lots of subplots to tangle the issues Honey has in believing her daughter and husband are having an affair.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes lots of characters who make things go awry.

RA Winter’s Review:  4-stars

If you are a reviewer reader, and who isn’t? Then you’ll enjoy reading the reviews of Deforest Day’s book Blown Away: A Marital Misunderstanding. The headlines say it all. Blown Away blew me away, A churning concoction of plastiqué, cash and sex, The explosive humor of Catch-22…, Grab This!, Another great read from Deforest, A charming romp! I could go on.

Blown Away: A Marital Misunderstanding is written in Omni, so that we ‘get into’ each of the characters, their motivation, their good and bad. Readers will enjoy the story that is woven around so many characters. Including the crazy old guy, Spider.

Characters are the forefront of this story and drive it to the end. Misunderstandings perpetrated by a crazy explosive guy. A trophy wife who’s past her prime (but don’t tell her that) she can’t help but be suspicious of her daughter… her husband’s stepchild.

This is an intellectually stimulating book. No dribble here.

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  • Blown Away blew me away. I only put this book down to wipe away the tears of mirth. Even the characters with the slimmest grasp of ethical behavior are charming. I’m so glad Day decided to continue to write stories about the gang from Shaleville because Bugle Boy has to be the most appealing police dog I’ve encountered in a long time.

  • Katia Hart

    I also enjoyed ‘Blown Away’. (BTW- I LOVE the new cover. It really fits tone of the story.)
    It’s a comedy of errors and misunderstandings and coincidental timing, of which there are many. I got a slightly ‘spoofy’ vibe from the book as it seemed pushing the boundary of being slightly over the top.
    As other reviewers have mentioned, it’s written in omni. Different from many of the other modern day novels I typically read, but I think that this viewpoint really helps to show & build the chaos and suspense of the story, so I’d say it was a great choice in this case. I think one of the things that really works is that as a reader I see things coming- and you want to yell at the characters, “what? don’t go there! don’t do that!”. But then they do. 🙂 Which made it fun.
    I loved the crazy Spider character talking to himself. Mags was competent and believable. I too, loved the Shaleville / Bugle Boy parts. I’ve heard that there are some spin-off / sequels for Shaleville characters in the works and I’m looking forward to reading those. If I have a criticism on character profile, I might question how quickly Honey flipped on Mac? That seemed too unrealistic of a set up for me; perhaps if it had been built up more? or she started out as an overly suspicious wife?
    Overall, maybe not something I would typically read, but it was entertaining and had a satisfying ending.

  • I started reading Deforest Day’s ‘Blown Away’ a few days ago. It had been sitting on my list of things I want to do and I finally got around to reading it and I was glad I did. I was immediately pulled into the story after getting my head around the omni POV, the characters felt authentic and I could really imagine Mac the greasy hustler working his charms and Honey the has-been selling her magic ladders.
    Blown Away showed me a world of corruption and doing what it takes to get by. You get to watch the characters going into things they really shouldn’t but you glad they do because it’s fun to watch them suffer 🙂
    This is not typically a genre I would read, it’s over the top at times which leads to some really funny moments but I enjoyed the change of pace and the grittier side of life it also showed.
    This book is laced with a good sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously, from the wacky old guy Spider to detective dog Bugle Boy,
    I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a diverse cast of characters as you get to explore their minds and motives. The strength of this book is in its characters, you’ll laugh with them and scream at them all the way to the satisfying conclusion.

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