Bridget Blade is both a god with an insatiable desire for love and adoration and a human plagued by insecurities, fears, and anxieties. Unaware of her true divinity she longs for the kind of love and a happy family she’s never had. Her husband, Jeremy, though, seems more interested in turning her into a research project that he can commercialize.

When Bridget discovers her new abilities she revels in the discovery that she is a god. But her new powers attract unwanted attention and Bridget must fight for her independence and survival.

But when survival means giving up the adoration she craves Bridgett must confront the desires that drive her. Does she want freedom or does she want adoration? She can have one or the other, but not both.





A little about Ono first:

Ono Ekeh was an avid reader of George Orwell’s 1984. He would purchase a copy every year in hopes that the ending would change. He has since figured out that the secret of being a successful author is in creating unsatisfying endings.
He’s also not very good at humor.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.3-Stars

Clay to Ashes by Ono Ekeh is an unusual read. A low Fantasy/Sci-Fi sequel to his first book, The Clay Queen, in The Children of the Clay series.
If you liked the first one, you’ll love the second one.

This one is set in Paris, France where Bridget Blade has been asleep since she absorbed a nuclear reaction.  This book shows the evolving relationship she has as a god and her relationships with her husband and brother-in-law.  Put into the mix a member of the monastery and otherworldly beings and you have a science fiction formula for success.
The category of low Fantasy and Science fiction is fitting.  It is an alternate world, one in which Bridget is ‘born’ into and changes.

Everything comes to head when her husband decides to build a nuclear power plant with her at the center.  The governments of France, China, and America all want her, but with the religious factions hiding her and taking care of her, how are they going to retrieve her for their own nefarious purposes?

The writing is crisp and clear.  Mr. Ekeh has a powerful imagination that will pull you in.  I’d recommend this to anyone who loves alternative realities with a healthy dose of Science Fiction.

Sherry Terry’s Review:  5-Stars

Ono is such a talented writer! I love the cover of this book as much as the first book, and the writing is done very well. He knows what he’s doing with The Children of Clay Series. I get sucked into the story right away and stay there until the last page.

In Clay to Ashes, we pick up where we left off in The Clay Queen. Bridget survives the radiation blast with a few scars, but everyone wants a piece of her now. Four major governments want blood, people who lost loved ones want to kill her, and her own husband Jeremy is looking to make her a commodity. All she wants is love.

I love how he works in the elements of the religion. Ono’s world-building skills are beyond reproach.

I highly recommend The Clay Queen and Clay to Ashes to everyone!

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