51A4+SkEGlL._UY250_Kane Sah lives his life in a straight line. Years ago, personal tragedy dropped a little girl into his world who needed him above everything else. A military career crushed because of her, he fell back on years of dance training and opened a ballroom studio. But between his business and little Kelsey, there’s no room in his days for a detour.
Until one night, a pair of brown eyes makes him look left…
Willa is everyone’s favorite bartender at Nero Nites. But lately, life behind the bar at the nightclub has been bland as day-old pilsner. That is, until a chance dance lesson in the arms of a man with a voice like a summer storm bursts open her world with music and sensuality.
But responsibilities don’t stop for infatuation. And memories of growing up in a mud-puddle-nothing town get in the way.
Can the melody and rhythm of love drown out the doubts?
A love story novella about taking chances for the heart.
A romance that glows under August Nights.

A little about Bree first:

I love pasta and I can’t swim. Three furry babies keep me company along with a husband. My day job is filled with music and movement as a dance teacher.
Coffee is wonderful. Coffee spurns my writing. I’m a married lady with three furry babies and my day job is teaching dance. I eat noodles like they’re vegetables and I can’t swim. Bios are weird to write.

 Sherry Terry’s Review: 5-Stars

I really liked August Nights a lot. The cover is well done with vibrant colors and a good looking couple, reaffirming that I was going to get a romance story and it did deliver. The writing is very well done, and Bree Lewandowski knows how to put pen to paper in the telling of a good story.
All the characters in the story are well-rounded and fleshed out with some great backstory, actions, dialog, and emotion. Kane, the main male character is wonderfully done. After his sister dies, he takes over the rearing of his niece with special needs. I love how the author brought out the niece and her needs. Very realistic. Bree has done her research.
Willa, the main female character isn’t your typical woman in a romance, she actually has more of a realistic life as a bartender. I like her – a lot. We get a really good look into her world. The couple meets and falls in love while ballroom dancing.
The book has great descriptions and pulls out all of the reader’s emotions. If you like to dance, you’re going to love August Nights. Lots of great dance lessons and sexy moves. I recommend August Nights to all romance lovers. This is a great read – no graphic sex scenes needed. The love story works great just as it is.

RA Winter’s Review: 5-Stars

August Nights by Bree Lewandowski is a great slow read. If you like well-rounded characters this is the story for you.  The descriptions pull you in and really liven up the story.  There is a lot of character development, something you don’t see in short stories and Bree does it well. We fully understand their backstory, their fears and wants as normal human beings.  They aren’t just characters on a page, these characters come to life.
Kane, a blue-eyed half Korean male struggled through his life wanting to dance.  It wasn’t something that his father approved of but he persevered.  After going to Afghanistan to support his sister and his niece because his parents threw her out, he finds out weeks later that she died in an automobile accident.  He takes over his niece’s care, who was hurt both mentally and physically. His life is now about keeping her safe and providing her care.  Owning a dance studio isn’t as easy as it sounds but Kane works tirelessly for success all the while caring for the love of his life, the little girl who lost her momma.
Willa, fought with personal demons of her past, meets Kane and sparks fly.  Dancing is their beginning. It’s a cool scene. Figure 8 of the hips no less.
This isn’t one of those fast sex, get ’em in bed reads.  This is slow, heartwarming and engaging.  I couldn’t put it down once I started, the descriptions were great.  Some might call them long, but they were really world building and brought you right into a Chicago August Night.
I loved it.  It was refreshing reading something that sparked my imagination and had me adoring the complex characters.  I rooted for them, begged them to get together.  The tension at the end was great, a twist I didn’t see coming.  And I just love plot twist.
There was a slight formatting problem in the middle, nothing major, it didn’t take away from the story.  I’m sure the author will clear it up pronto, so don’t worry about that.  Otherwise, the editing is great.
5 stars for this one.




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