Colonel Rob Walker always does his duty, even when it means risking shaky relationship with his family. When he’s ordered to bring the treaty negotiations between the Terran Federation and the Aleyni to a successful conclusion, he’s determined to do just that, even when both sides would rather he fail. How can Rob pull off a miracle and avoid a war, one where both sides could be destroyed?

A little about Margaret first:

Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Fieland has been around art and music all her life. She is an avid science fiction fan, and selected Robert A. Heinlein’s “Farmer in the Sky” for her tenth birthday, now long past. In spite of making her living as a computer software engineer, she turned to one of her sons to format the initial version of her website, a clear illustration of the computer generation gap. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Melusine, Front Range Review, and All Rights Reserved. Her book, “Relocated,” a tween sci-fi novel, will be available from MuseItUp Publishing in July, 2012. Her book, “The Angry Little Boy,” will be published by 4rv publishing in early 2013. You may visit her website.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.4-Stars

Rob’s rebellion is a classic sci-fi read full of political intrigue and disagreements. Shuttled to a new world, immediately Rob has to arrest the previous commander.
Things though aren’t always what they seem.
They can’t work with the aliens, but they have the food. His commander issues orders that no alien would agree to.
Fraught with problems from his wives, and the prejudice of others, he must gain control on a new world.
His past though creeps up on him.
While Rob’s Rebellion does contain some references to sex, it is very light, probably in the realm of PG16 (depending on who’s reading). There were all types going on too, from threesomes to foursomes to M/M but for the most part, it is fade to black or short sections. It’s not written as a romance or erotica. These are subplots and threads that take a backseat to the political intrigue.
To me, this is written as a classic Science Fiction book with political intrigue. Think of the old masters at their craft. The author delves into troubled family life, life on a distant planet, and the threat of war as they hang over the MC’s head.
If you like a slow burning read, this one is for you.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.6-Stars

I enjoyed reading Rob’s Rebellion, however, I am not a fan of the cover. I do not think it says anything about the story and does not speak of Sci-fi. Overall, this is a good intriguing story with espionage and lots of good world-building. I think the characters are well-rounded, and I especially like Rob, the main character.
Margaret did a fantastic job bringing Rob to life with some well-done realism. I could picture his house and family life, the chaos and togetherness of seven people in a three-bedroom house on a planet where no one wants them.
The writing is well-done, the characters will draw you into their story, and I liked Margaret’s style.  The story is full of political intrigue with good twists and turns.
I thought the beginning was a little back-story heavy but after that, the story took off. While I understand why the author used the keyword tags, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender, I do not think she needs them. Although there are a couple of “sex scenes” with M/M, M/M/F/F, threesomes and foursomes towards the end, they are either referred to, fade to black, or about three sentences long with no graphic language. This is not a romance book. This is not an erotica book. Don’t let those tags scare you off from reading a great Sci-fi book.
I recommend Rob’s Rebellion: Novels of Aleyne to everyone who likes Sci-fi and anyone who likes to read books in general. You will be surprised by this book.



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