After 99.9% of the earth’s population – and apparently, all the adults – dies in just under a month, the remaining teens and children are left confused, scattered, and dangerously unsupervised. A tech-savvy latchkey kid, an abused arsonist, and a girl who slept through the apocalypse must battle the elements, wild animals, and roving bands of feral children in order to reach their refuge. Deep in Oklahoma lies the small college town of Nowhere; there, a mysterious old man broadcasts to them via the college radio station, beckoning them to safety.

A little about Lee first:

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Lee Beard, author of Radio Nowhere, lives in the piney woods of East Texas with sibling, Carter, and their menagerie of pets. Lee spends much of the average day writing, and is currently working on the second novel in the “uplifting apocalyptic” Radio Series, Radio Static. When not writing, Lee enjoys reading short stories and comic books, as well as leatherworking and dabbling in as many hobbies as possible.
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Heather Hayden’s Review: 3.5-stars

Radio Nowhere is a dystopian novel that at times pokes fun at other dystopian novels. Set just before and just after the apocalypse (in which a mysterious disease wipes out most of the global population), this story follows several young teens as they fight for survival against the elements, wild animals, and even other humans. Although at times serious and even dark, there are also zombie jokes and even a few hints of romance.
I will note that, as a avid reader, I had a few problems with Radio Nowhere. There are issues with the ebook (random page numbers, odd paragraph formatting, occasional typos…) that made it more difficult to sink into the story. There were also a large number of plot threads playing out, and they didn’t feel well-tied off. Once I learned that there is a sequel planned, the ending made more sense, but I personally would have liked a little more closure for some of the characters. In a way, it felt very episodic, like the premiere for a TV series–meant to grab the viewer’s attention and leave them wanting more.
Although my personal rating is 3.5 stars, I do think readers who enjoy post-apocalyptic tales will likely devour this story.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4-stars

I thought Radio Nowhere by Lee Beard was a good read from the first paragraph until the last. I love love the hook! The first paragraph sucked me into the story, and I couldn’t put it down. The writing is good and strong, the characters are well-rounded and feel like real people, and Lee Beard does a great job building a dystopian world with a wonderful  discriptive voice.
Radio Nowhere is aimed at young adults, but I enjoyed it as an adult. I caught myself coming back to read more after I put it down for bed. It has some violence and surprising sexy moments that I loved.
I want to give this book 5-stars but the formatting is not good, and I’m more of an “each book should be a stand-alone”. The ending leaves you hanging a little bit. I can see why authors do this so you will buy the next book, but for me – I want each to start and end as it’s own story. For this reason, I give 4-stars.
I highly recommend this book. You like dystopian apocalyptic stories? This is for you!



  • Fast-paced read with great characters. I got very invested in these kids and was glad to learn the fate of some, but I want a sequel so I can find what happens to the rest of them.
    Contains some graphic violence and a few minor sexual references.

  • Toasha Jiordano

    I liked this one. I didn’t have the formatting issue that the other reviewer had. I love apocalypse stuff so this was perfect for me. And it kept my interest.

  •  I’m really loving this story.  It’s very captivating and I’m rating it higher than Sherry and Heather, and it’s just personal taste.  I read mine on my phone on a kindle app and actually downloaded it from Amazon on KDP.
    To me, the story moved me.  As a Pandemic unfolds, we follow different people and really get to know them.  Each one is touched differently by the events that are happening around them.
    Really loving this one.  I’m sure the author will fix any of those piddly formatting issues but it was very readable on my smartphone.
    The author wrote it in Omni and really pulled it off well.  It’s one of the best Omni pov that I’ve seen in a while. Very engaging, and the events had me sneaking peeks at the rest of the story during dinner… which got me dirty looks.
    Fast-paced, there is never a dull moment.  Truly one to finish on a rainy afternoon.
    Just loving it. 

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