51IVu5JCQBL._SY346_He was sent to collect her, not to fall in love.
When the leader of a powerful Russian crime family tasked him with the capture and rendition of his son’s intended bride, Ruslan didn’t think much of the assignment. After all, it wasn’t the first time he’d been sent to retrieve a reluctant bride. But that was before he met the mafia princess, before she got under his skin, melted his walls, and lit a fire in his battered heart.

After a failed hit on her father, Vivian expected everything would settle down and she could get back to what mattered most: finishing her final year of med school so she could finally do something useful with her life. Instead, she found herself drugged and dragged to a foreign country for a marriage she refused to accept. Falling in love with the man who stole her freedom wasn’t even in the cards.
Vincent de Costa didn’t escape the Soviet Union, change his name, and start a new life in America just to have a notorious Russian gangster abduct his youngest child. The last thing he ever wanted was to return to his homeland and face the ghosts of his past, but when a father loves his daughter, there’s nothing he won’t do to get her back.

A little about Victoria first:

As a lifelong romantic (I’m pretty sure love propels the universe) I currently write contemporary mafia and historical romances. Two rather disparate genres, I admit, but no matter what the setting you can bet you’ll find some sexy Russians lurking between the pages of all my works. When I’m not hermetically sealed away from the world to write, you can occasionally find me posting about writing, food and fur-children on Twitter (@VWrightBooks) or peeking around Facebook.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.8-Stars

This is a very enjoyable book. I think the cover is intriguing and hints of mystery. The colors are vibrant, I like the font, and it fits the story. I was not disappointed. I liked the characters, even the bad guys. They are well-rounded and reek of the mafia from the US to Russia. I think the dialog is great, and each character has a distinct personality. The first paragraph is a great hook that leads into a chapter that grabs you and yanks you into the story.
If I had to be kidnapped like the main character Vivian, I would want it to be by Ruslan. Stockholm Syndrom be damned, Ruslan is hot and personable. I enjoyed reading their love story. Ruslan: A Very Russian Romance is a mafia suspense story, and the criminal elements and lifestyle shine in this book. I was left with a real sense of the Russian Mafia, the language, and the people.
The story comes with several POV characters, and I thought Victoria Wright did a good job switching from scene to scene. The sex scenes were good, but I think they could do with some of the five senses sprinkled in for more flavor. Some of the writing could be a little stronger, and for that reason, I give this 4.8-stars, but overall this is a great read.
If you like mafia crime suspense thrillers with a healthy dash of romance – Ruslan: A Very Russian Romance by Victoria Wright is the book for you.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.6-Stars

Ruslan A Very Russian Romance by Victoria Wright.
First, I’d like to talk about the cover. The fonts are what I really like. I had expected the cover to be all guns, mobsters, and a heroine, but I like this.
The formatting. Pick this book up and check out how the author formatted the inside. The scene breaks are all formatted with pics and everything is in its correct place. Very pretty and professional looking. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this myself. This took a lot of work and time to pull that off so well.
The writing. This Ms. Writght has nailed down. I loved her style, she dragged me right into the story and kept me engaged. There wasn’t any overuse of words, the prose flowed well and the language, especially the dialog was very realistic.
I listened to this on AlReader, and I read it on my phone and then later on a computer program.
Unless you’re great at remembering names, I’d suggest sticking to reading the book.  There’s a lot of POV’s and names that are too similar if you’re not paying close attention. This book is worthy of your concentration.
Vivian is kidnapped by Ruslan and falls in love with him. This is the basis of the plot. The amount of subplots that comes off the main plot makes it feel like a real-life Russian mobster tale.
Each subplot deals with a different mob boss or in one case, Vivian’s mother. There are flashbacks, murders, kidnappings, and sex. The author brings it all together at the end and we see how the pieces fit together.
The sex isn’t overly graphic, it’s well done in short sections.
This is a book for someone who loves what I’d call a short saga. It’s a story with many parts that fit together really well. Mobsters, family members, and the past all collide with one kidnapping.
As you’ve probably guessed, the female main character, Vivian, falls in love with her captor Ruslan. He’s a mercenary with an agenda of his own. He will give her over to the man who hired him. Why, when he’s in love with her? Well, read the book then give me your thoughts.
Guns, blood, mob and more.
I loved it.


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