51qAFa5ZpaLVampire King Dimitri Cross is fighting for his Kingdom and the woman he loves, using his own rules.
After Dimitri seized the throne, he thought things would go his way. But Dimitri is forced to enter an agreement that cost him his true love, Phoenix Gray. Tormented by the loss of his love, Dimitri turns his attention to removing his enemy Nidug, the Unseelie King from the Kingdom. In the process, Dimitri finds an unexpected ally in the quirky but beautiful Seelie Queen. Teaming up with the Seelie Queen Priscilla and her fey warriors, Dimitri takes on the Unseelie King. Can Dimitri win the fight for his Kingdom and the woman he loves before it is too late?

RA Winter’s Review: 4.4-Stars

The Great King by Samantha Lee is written in Omni, it’s been a while since I’ve read on in this tense, but for this type of book it worked, although it was hard to get used to for the first chapter. After I did, it was enjoyable. Omni isn’t something everyone can pull off. The jumps from person to person can be jarring but the writer does it well. There are some redundancies, as you change from person to person, but this shows builds each character out.
There is political intrigue. The king wants Pheonix, but his last lover, Aurora, will have none of it and sets off to have the Pheonix killed. His kingdom is ripe with corruption and the king is setting things right. There is a battle on the horizon, the cost is the Earth Realm.
A vampire, the king does his best to root out intrigue in his court. If you like the Game of Thrones, this is a story for you. Filled with sword battles, werewolves and towards the end, dragons and Unseelie and Seelie Fey and unseen enemies, this book will keep you guessing.
There is steamy sex, written very well.
A few formatting grammar issues especially towards the end. Nothing huge a couple of extra periods and a missing quote marks but they are easily overlooked.
Dragons and werewolves and vamps, oh my. This is a good read.
After I got into it, it was a hard book to put down.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4-Stars

Samantha Lee has a good story in The Great King. While written in Omni, which is my least favorite POV, she did a good job of establishing the characters, and I think overall the book is an enjoyable read. The cover is AMAZING, and I got just what I expected.
There is some really good snark in the dialog, and I caught myself smiling with the humor. The author does a fantastic job with dialog. I also like her descriptive voice, and I easily pictured everything happening. Phoenix, the main female character is a strong, kick-ass vampire and the main male character is strong enough to tame her in bed.
I enjoyed the vampires, werewolfs, witches, Fey and all the other beings in the story, and I thought they were introduced well. There was lots of intrigue and political jockeying. The sex scenes were done well. I think they were a little short with not really enough time to get emotionally involved, but there are some steamy things happening in The Great King.
I give The Great King 4-stars because it needs an edit by a fresh set of eyes. There is a lot of weak word choices, redundancies, and repetitiveness that could be weeded out with a good edit. This was an enjoyable read, but I feel like it could be so much stronger.
I can honestly recommend this book to anyone who likes vampires with a healthy dose of war and love.
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