Lexi’s life has never been easy. Her mother’s violence, neglect and eventual abandonment leave Lexi and her brother, Matt desperately trying to survive on their own.41DvKFZ0VqL._UX250_ A chance meeting with a handsome stranger, Noah, has her heart racing. And her future looks bright for the first time in her life.
One tragic night everything is taken away and Lexi’s life is once again thrust into the unknown.
Forced to pick herself up and carry on with her life, she longs for the missing pieces of her heart. Hoping that somehow true love finds a way back to her.

A little about Kolleen first:

Kolleen is a wife, mom, author, beta reader and blogger.
When she isn’t making her house a home for her husband and two young children she enjoys reading everything from paranormal to romance to YA and dark stories. But she spends her free time being held hostage by her current work in progress and letting her characters come to life through her words on paper.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.8-Star

Exposure by Kolleen Fraser is a very well done story. I do like the cover, and while I think it speaks well for the story, it does not show anything of the dark side within. The writing is gripping and will carry you along in a torrent of emotion. Exposure is a dark romance, and it will take you into a world not often visited.
While this is a romance, Exposure is not your typical romance. The main character, Lexi is born into a horrid life with an even horrible mother. Her one beckon of light is her brother Matt. When their mother abandons them, they strike out on their own and try to make it. Lexi manages to carry on, even meeting a boy and making a best friend.
But, it’s not to be and when someone close to her is murdered.  Lexi has to start all over again in a cruel world where people take your soul. Kolleen Fraser does a spectacular job of putting you smack-dab in the middle of all the darkness that is Lexi’s life. The author helps you understand what it’s like to be a high school cutter with nowhere to turn, a rapist step-father, and a brother who does his best to care for them.
Be ready with some tissue to wipe away your tears with this book.
There were a few formatting issues, like a blank page between each chapter that were distracting, and I felt the writing could be a tad stronger with the addition of some of the 5 senses. The sex scenes were good but could use some 5 senses as well. For this reason, I give the book 4.8-stars. Kolleen’s ability to bring you all the way into Lexi’s world feels like real life.
I recommend  Exposure to anyone who likes to read a love story with extremely flawed characters who overcome adversity to triumph.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.5-Stars

Exposure by Kolleen Fraser.
This book delves deep into the psyche of a young girl, Lexi. Her life is one bad situation on top of another until finally something great happens.
She meets a guy and makes friends for the first time.
Lexi is a cutter, and although at first, it put me off, I stuck with it and I’m glad I did. Cutting and the psychological reasons behind them aren’t something that you find in most romance books. It brought in another layer to the character. It brought her to life.
Things are great for a while until a death hit her hard. She’s uprooted and flounders into a real depression.
A new family brings her out of her despair, but thoughts always turn to her first love, Noah.
This is a great read for those who think that the worst has happened to them and can’t pull themselves out of it. If life seems to be greener over the other hill, young Lexi is stuck in a padlocked pig pen and on the other side is a desert, until she pulls herself up and makes something of herself.
She takes charge of her life.
Inspirational? Possibly, the young high schooler got her life together and made something of herself. Yes, she pined for a boy, her dead friend, and lost brother but she went on, as all of us have to. She could have drowned in her sorrows. She could have ended her life. Once she took control of herself, she fulfilled a life-long dream.
Then loved found her again.
I enjoyed this very much. The twist and turns were unexpected but true to life. This isn’t a fairytale romance. This could be someone’s life and it reads like a true story.



  • 5 Stars for the author 4 for the editor.
    One of the best written stories I have read. Abanonded as a teenager by her abusive addict mother Alexa annd her brother strike out for greener pastures, arrivng in California in a stolen car. Her brother brings in money for rent by questionable means which leads to distaster for Alexa’s new found happiness with her first love and her first real friendships.
    I was drawn so deeply into Alexa’s life that at times it brought tears to my eyes and sometimes, joy to my heart. So remenicent of the many lives that start in a similar way it bring to my mind the many stories I have read of survivors who achieved a real life, that so many others never did. You may see girls like Alexa panhandleing on the streets or doing the unmentionable to support themselves and their addiction, with no hope and no chance.
    Alexa survived, by luck and by love.

  • 4.5 Stars. Lexi is a survivor despite being dealt a rough hand in life through no fault of her own. I was completely absorbed by Lexi’s character and her brother, the complex relationship she had with her mother, and prayed all the way through she would find her happy ever after. I laughed and cried. A pleasure to read.

  • Elkin Hardcoves

    Let me begin by saying something is incredibly important for you to understand in order to put this review into perspective. I don’t normally like just straight romance, or what some people refer to as Romance, with a capital “R”, in which the romance is the central element. There are a host of reasons for this, which I won’t get into here, because it’s long, and relatively opinionated, and deals with a number of issues with the genre on the whole. Still this is how it is.
    Exposure by Kolleen Fraser, is a Romance novel, although the first part of the book is important setup for the romance plot.
    Now, keep everything I’ve said already in mind, for what I’m about to say now.
    I liked this novel a great deal.
    Because I’ve known people with parents like the FMC has in this book. I’ve known people with lives like the FMC has. I’ve known people that respond to these kinds of situations with some of the same maladaptive behaviors that the FMC initially shows in this work. In short, the author sold absolutely believable characters dealing with believable problems, in believably bad ways. Kolleen also made me care deeply for one of the FMC’s friends, which is praiseworthy in of itself, and then when tragedy struck – one of the points that makes this work very real, and incredibly emotionally raw – and then carries it forward to demonstrate how this event changed the lives of so many. All of this made the HAE, which is a crucial element of any romance all the sweeter, since the heavy lifting was done so consummately beforehand. Still, some readers might find the early points of this work somewhat darkly effusive, and should be prepared for this possibility, but I truly believe that it is what made this work so poignant.
    I’d personally give this work 4.9 out of five.

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