Three hundred years ago, Warin lost his humanity.
The night he met Thea was the night he lost his soul.

For more than two hundred years, Warin has roamed the wilds with only his blood brother Aleric for company, terrorizing villages and feeding on human life. Sating his dark hunger was all he ever cared for…
Until she crossed his path.
From the moment he meets his beautiful Thea, her emerald eyes and tender heart call to him like a siren’s song. But she is human, and unless Warin can uncover the truth of their connection, he’ll never be able to possess her the way he so desperately desires.
Enlisting the help of the Ancients of his kind always comes with a cost. Especially when Thea is revealed for what she really is: either a gift from the gods…
…or a curse on his bloodline.

A little about Nora first:

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Nora Ash writes the sort of books that have your toes curling and your blood pulsing. Her stories are often dark and always thrilling, with lots of sexy bad boys and the women who spur their desires. When not typing away at a story, Nora paints, eats chocolate or go for hikes around the English countryside with her very own bad boy.
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Guest Reviewer – Deb Meade Cechak: 5-Stars

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

I have found a new author to love!!

Origin ARC: Ancient Blood, by Nora Ash, begins a torturous love story that will lead to Wicked Soul, and I am very much looking forward to following her series.

Warin and Aleric are bloodline brothers. When soulmate, Thea, becomes entangled in the brother’ lives, decisions made by all affect their lives in a devastating way.
Journey with me, as Nora’s pervasive story writing grabs your heart, and you will be, oh, so willing to follow!

Tinker Books Review: 4.5-Stars

First of all, I have to admit that stories with a vampire protagonist are not my usual choice of reading, but the book blurb was so well done I couldn’t resist seeing what it was all about.

Nora Ash has done a marvelous job of bringing her characters to life and presenting the settings of her story in a way that kept me in the scenes from start to finish. There are no tedious or dull moments to slow my reading. No unbelievable circumstances or impossible or implausible passages to be found anywhere. I read this work twice trying to find something ‘off’ about it and found nothing.

Origin loses 1 point for the presentation due to a glitch in the ebook conversion which causes pages with scene breaks to appear differently than the rest of the ebook, with the page background a glaring bright white. Otherwise, I could find no errors in editing that detracted from the reading experience. Not the fault of the author I am sure.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories with a vampire cast as the good guy, and if the series is as well written as this prequel it is sure to be a success.

Well done Nora Ash, if I was fond of this type of story I would certainly want to read the rest of your series. Unfortunately, I have too many other things to concentrate on at this time to succumb to the temptation.

RA Winter’s Review: 5-Stars

Nora Ash’s Origin is a winner. I loved this tale. Set in Europe in the 1200s, this story follows Warin, a vampire as he finds a woman, Thea, who turns his life upside down.

Warin and his brother, Aleric, travel the countryside causing mayhem until one day, Warin meets Thea. He’s drawn to her in a way that he has never been before, and for some reason, he can not kill her.

The brothers take Thea to London, to meet an Ancient. A vampire so old, with powers beyond theirs. He introduces them to a witch, someone with her own agenda.

I won’t give away the whole plot, so I’ll stop right there. You have to read this one if you love paranormal stories about vampires and witches.

The writing is excellent and the plot is moving. I didn’t find anything wrong with this one. It’s beautifully formatted and proofread.

The story is complete but hints at the series to come. I’m dying to read this series, as I know you will be too.

A clear 5 star for me. I just loved it.

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  • Camillie

    Okay so this book took me by utter surprise, I am not usually a fan of historic time books but this is not the typical kind of course. It had vampires and witches and then some.
    I loved Warin and I CANNOT wait to see how his story ends come the first book in the series. This book will leave you hanging but not in the worst ways where you’ll curse the author (Lol this has happened to me before) but in a curious “Omg I need to know.” kind of way.
    It will also leave you wanting to kick Aleric’s ass from here to Timbuktu lol. trust me it goes that way. But other than that the book was great, enough violence, enough sexual scenes without being overbearing and enough suspense. And you may cry a few times lol. Or maybe it was just me? I seriously cannot wait for the next book!
    Here is a review by Lacrymosa:

  • Review: 4.7 stars
    Origin tells the story of two brother vampires, Warin and Aleric, in the midst of pillaging across Britain circa 1200. During one rampage they happen upon a young attractive woman who captivates Warin in such a way he is determined to make her as infatuated with him as he is with her. But of course, that is so not how any decent self-respecting vampire should behave. Despite his brother’s snarky urgings to resist these strange compulsions and just devour her, Warin nevertheless fords this new, forbidden territory of romance. Yes, this is yet another paranormal romance but with a historical fiction twist, a la Vikings and Brittania. At first, I must admit I wasn’t impressed. But I agreed to read and review, despite my aversion to all things vampirism, be they romantic or horrific. So, I settled in for another post Twilight eye-rolling fest and was treated to such eloquent prose as:
    “You slaughtered my people!” she spat back at him, struggling uselessly against his hold. “You burned my village!” I will never yield to you, demon!”
    But, of course we all know she will by the end of this story, as no decent red-blooded woman could resist the charms of a strong, dark handsome vampire with a sensitive soul (that is if vampires had souls) But at the very least he lurves her and wants to make her happy and safe and won’t touch her until she succumbs willingly to his charms, as we learn in Warin’s reply to her:
    “I will never let you go,” he said softly. “Whatever spell you’ve woven to trap me so, it has worked. You will be with me always.”
    But then enter his snarky brother Aleric with a reply that jolts us into modern teen speak:
    “What is it with this girl?” Aleric asked, his voice agitated now.
    It’s this sort of purplish prose contrasted with teen jive that make me not sure I can take any of this seriously. But apparently some readers do; I’m just not one of them. For those that do crave this sort of literature, I have to admit, it hits all the right chords and kept me turning pages. Readers who long to be swept away in a Gothic style novella (where a rugged tall, dark rogue meets pure maiden in a quest for love during a savage time in history), will find this a bite size version of guilty indulgence with more to come. For those who, like me, find Twilight bashing something to really sink your teeth into, there’s the opportunity to find escape in a few snarky LOL moments, perhaps even taken as satire, though I don’t think that was the author’s intent. Best of all, this is only a teaser introduction to the full series that I just may have to read to see what sort of entertaining word play these characters engage in next!

  • Mandy

    I love this series by Nora Ash.
    As with all Nora Ash’s books, it is a smooth and easy read — and heck yeah, it is hot!
    Origin is the first book in the Ancient Blood series and it all centres around a vampire named Warin. Warin cares for no one except, maybe, his vampire brother Aleric. The only thing that Warin seems to love is killing and doing it savagely. That is, until he meets Thea. She draws him like nothing has ever before and he he decides he needs to find out why she has this effect on him.
    Without giving too much away, I must warn you that this book put my emotions through the wringer and had me in tears.
    Origin is a short book that ends in a cliffhanger. For those who haven’t read it yet and don’t like cliffhangers, no need to panic, the second book, Wicked Soul, has already being released. And you will LOVE that one too.
    I will definitely recommend this book to all.

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