When dark shapeshifting creatures invade, Earth’s fate lies in the hands of a misfit…Stacey Trampler lives life on the edge. While she’s a preschool teacher by day, she spends her nights rocking out with her thrash metal band and kicking butt on the roller derby circuit. But her wildlife gets a lot more complicated when her lovers go missing and a stranger with even stranger abilities shows up in her apartment, bringing the creatures with him…

Barely escaping death with the help of Fenton, a tattooed magic wielder, she vows to find her missing boyfriend and girlfriend. Despite impossible odds, Stacey trains in the art of the Wards to fight back against the dark creatures they call the Umbra. Earth’s only hope of survival may be a heroine who’s built her life around breaking all the rules…




A little about Cem first:

C. Bilici is an Australian writer, and author of the Ward series, and many other novels that live on his hard drive and in his brain but will be smacking you in the face REAL SOON!
He was born — the fact that you are reading this is a testament to that — and lives with 0 dogs and 0 cats, though the humans he lives with (two out of three of them his children) are working very hard to rectify that.

RA Winter‘s Review: 4.8-Stars

The Ward book 1 of the Ward Series by C. Bilici

This is an interesting new twist on dark fantasy.  Stacy has been targeted by the Umbra.  They come in the shadows with roaches and goo.  A fast-paced read with a very high imagination and great descriptions.  It’ll pull you into a terrifying world with quick wit and humor peppered in.

The plot wound me in immediately.  A young girl dealing drugs is overtaken by black goo.  Two guys explode in a car.  The first chapter will pique your curiosity and keep you reading.  Stacy, the main character, (an Aussie) is saved by a Hawaiian shirt wearing Brit and is brought into the world of the Wards, a group of people intent on saving the universe from the Umbra.

Stacy wants to save her girlfriend and boyfriend who were taken by the goo.  One is held and skinned.  His eye is taken from him and used to find her location. Her girlfriend has secrets of her own.

Her mentor and savior, Fenton, is tasked with her apprenticeship into the world of the Wards. Only he is at a loss as to how and why the Umbra has changed their tactics.  Oh, and let’s not forget the aliens or that all is not what it seems. A traitor walks among them, but who?  Oh, it is lovely. Don’t forget the missing corpse either.  That was neat.
Really neat descriptions.  Don’t read this one in the dark! Or maybe you should?

The author combines many elements in his writing.  Urgency, action, task, humor, mystery, and friendship to keep you reading.  Each page is an interesting journey into an unknown universe inside of our own. If you love fantasy, wizards, aliens, quest, and dark stories, this one is for you. This book has a wide appeal to many genres including the bisexual/gay readers full of twist and turns that will leave you guessing.

There is a bit of female on female sex which was very well done… with a mermaid.  Love it!

I didn’t see any overused words, weak writing or grammar mistakes.  Half of it I read, the other half I listened to on my phone. The format is your standard ebook but there are no paragraph spacings. (Some people love that, some don’t mind.)
I loved it, and I would give it 5-stars on Amazon.

Elkin Hardcoves‘s Review: 4.5-Stars

Let me begin by saying that I enjoyed this work a great deal, and I’m picky when it comes to Urban Fantasy. The author has given us a strong FMC, who actually does sass & rule-breaking in a believable manner, and just isn’t another heroine with a chip on her shoulder.

The pacing is extremely good, with tension appropriately used to keep me hooked from one chapter to another – blasted cliff hanger chapter endings, makes me just want to find out what’s going on. Secondly, the mysterious mentor is actually mysterious, instead of the author just not informing the audience about said individual. In other words, the reader gets information that raises questions instead, which is what makes it good.

Having said all that, there were a few places where transitions could have been better handled, if you weren’t paying close attention you might have missed them, and there were some typographical errors. Still, none of these took away from my enjoyment of the novel, and the sequel is eagerly anticipated.

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  • 5-Stars!
    I loved Ward by Cem Bilici! This is an awesomely written, hella creepy book. The cover is well done, it screams scary, and I like the colors the author chose. If you like authors with the caliber of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, you will love Ward.
    The first chapter sucks you into the story, and the book won’t let you go. The main character Stacy’s lovers come up missing, the school she teaches at is targeted, and a weird, funny guy is tasked with saving her. There is a very well done sex scene, the descriptions and scene setting is amazing, and there is good gore, Scifi elements, and witty humor. I couldn’t put it down.
    You like scary? You’ll love Ward by Cem Bilici.
    I still feel the creepy, crawling things all over me.

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