A group of four wedding goers, on their way to California, get lost somewhere in Kansas. The car doesn’t work. Reception is down. And morning has mysteriously become evening. In utter confusion, they search their surroundings, only to find a dead girl, rotting in a creek.

They discover this small town is more than what it seems. From its undisclosed location, vacant establishments, and the bestial creature lurking in the shadows. When they come across the townsfolk, who take a keen interest in them, the four are then forced to participate in a simulation game, where newcomers must play to be allowed to leave.
In this place, their fears manifest into tangible forms meant to kill them. Sanity gets tested. Doubt consumes each unwilling player. Yet no one knows the exact rules of the game. Except for one detail. If you don’t play, you die. There can only be one winner.
Seasons change as the four contestants try to make it out of town alive.

A little about R.M. first:

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R.M. James wrote plays as a child and forced her sisters to read them. As she got older, her stories evolved into short movies. Her film and literature studies edged her into one of her truest callings: fiction writing. The majority of her time goes into caring for her family, taking nature shots, and imagining new scenes for another novel. She lives in Nevada.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.8-Stars

Dead Seasons by R. M. James is a great story. I love the cover, it’s dark and scary and fits the story perfectly. The writing is well-done and the characters are wonderfully flawed, each and every one of them, and fleshed out with lots of personality.

From the first chapter, we are tossed into the weirdness of 4 people traveling to the same wedding together. We discover from the jump that they are not in Kansas anymore and end up on a wild detour. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and pulls out all of the emotions that come with a good, scary story.

Written from more than on point of view character, J. M. did a fantastic job of weaving everything together with beautiful description and raw fear. This is an action-packed story full of suspense with twists and turns. Once they find a dead body, the horror and the game begin, sending the reader on a wild, surprising ride until the last word.

You like action-packed, nitty-gritty details full of horror and dark fantasy? You’ll love Dead Seasons.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.6-Stars

R. M. James’ Dead Seasons is filled with twists and turns this novel is for the lover of writers like Dean Koontz. The writing is very engaging, I listened to it on @Voice Aloud and became engrossed very quickly. The action starts when a beast if found in the basement. I’d at first thought that it was a werewolf thriller, then a zombie thriller, but I was wrong. Very wrong.

This book dives into our fears, into the characters deepest secrets and boy do the pages fly.

The ending was a complete surprise. I didn’t see that coming.

The plot, the characters, the action, every single word will keep you guessing as to the ending. But, you won’t see this one coming.

I love the cover, it is spot on for the genre. I give this one a 4.6, horror readers will love this

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  • I had high hopes for this story, based on the cover. Although I’m not much of a horror fan, I do like a deliciously dark tale now and then. This one left me more bemused and befuddled rather than bewitched and bone chilled. Perhaps as a B-movie horror script it has possibilities, but it did not build with the creeping darkness and menacing ambiance I like to see in horror stories. The dialogue was punchy and juvenile, the characters flat and mindlessly irritating as they made all the usual bad decisions one sees in a B-movie. The story opens with a hapless quartet on their way across the Midwest to a California wedding. Along an isolated highway while taking a pit stop, they happen to find a dead body. No big deal! just a dead body. So, let’s start analyzing why its there and then not bother to alert the authorities. After all, we’ve got a wedding to get to, but hey! Let’s pick up a hitchhiker instead! That is just the beginning of some idiotic decisions this crew makes that keeps them running in circles in a town that seems to have no rhyme or reason for it’s existence and a few typical creepy residents that speak in cryptic code and actually make no sense whatsoever. While this all may sound rather harsh, the story did keep me turning pages, just to see how absurd it would get, if nothing else. There were some fun twists and turns and well crafted backstories that did help to keep the four bland characters straight in my mind and for the most part it was an effortless read. Otherwise they were a blur of bad decisions, jump scares that really weren’t all that scary at all and vague world building. The setting was the most intriguing part of this story and could have done with a better set up from the beginning in order to lay the foundation for what was ahead with a sense of foreboding, but this I never felt much. Instead, we were dealt a load of teen angst and young adult drama. But the story did make a good attempt at vestiges of The Most Dangerous Game combined with the most endearing elements of The Hunger Games characterizations. So for that alone it warrants 4.0 stars.

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