This is book three of Ono’s for us to review. He is a great writer, and we loved The Clay Queen and were swept back into Bridget’s world in Clay to Ashes.
She kills what she loves. She’s in love with him. But is he ready to die?
When Bridget Blade, a reincarnated god, abruptly awakens from forced hibernation, she is crushed to find that everything’s changed: she’s officially dead, and her husband, Jeremy, has given the government rights to her body. To make matters worse, he’s moved on with another woman who is a better fit for him.
As Bridget endures her time of experimentation, she stumbles on information about a dangerous international scheme. She realizes to her horror, that Jeremy, who is in Africa, is at risk of death. Bridget must now travel into the heart of danger with no support but her own burgeoning powers to save the man who didn’t choose her.
Jeremy, though, is the only one who understands her, and she’s determined to win back his heart. But is she right to rekindle their flame when there’s always a cost to loving her?
Icon of Clay is a supernatural thriller that weaves international politics, science fiction, and fantasy. Join Bridget as she races against the clock to save the people she loves from the brutal forces that threaten them.

A little about Ono first:

Ono Ekeh was an avid reader of George Orwell’s 1984. He would purchase a copy every year in hopes that the ending would change. He has since figured out that the secret of being a successful author is in creating unsatisfying endings.
He’s also not very good at humor.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 5-Stars

I absolutely love Ono Ekeh’s writing and Icon of Clay is the best book by him yet. The cover is beautiful and follows the same theme as the first two books in The Children of Clay series. I have done reviews for all three books in the series and still cannot tag them with a genre. All I can honestly say is they are different. Different in a good way.

This book is filled with wonderfully written fantasy and science fiction mixed with a good thriller. Ono writes with passion, he does his research and has a beautifully descriptive voice. Icon is Clay is very well written. All three books are stand-alone stories.

We follow Bridget’s journey from a young woman who does not know she is a god into a horrific tragedy where many die before she can save the world, and her husband sells her to the highest governmental bidder for experimentation.  We catch back up with her in book 3 in a bunker, hidden away. Ono does a splendid job of bringing all three books together with enough from the first two books to catch us up.

Lots of great plot twists with a love story.

Icon of Clay is an emotional ride and Ono does a nice job of bringing the characters to life. This book appeals to all genres and offers something for everyone. I highly recommend picking up a copy today.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.7-Stars

If you’ve followed our reviews, you’ve seen the whole series of The Children of the Clay (to date). I read this on my phone while traveling, and it was a wonderful distraction. Ekeh brings us directly into the world with just enough of a recap of the previous books in the first few chapters.

The writing is elegant and very endearing. In the third installment, we dive into political espionage.  Paris has been destroyed. The Chinese want to find Bridget, (a reincarnated god) and are willing to do anything to gain control of her. The Pope demands the rights to the monasteries. A young girl joins the order with nefarious orders. Bridget is in a coma in a hidden bunker and her husband, Jeremy sits by her side- until… well, that’s all the plot I’m going to dish out right now.

It’s full of plot twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and give you that… Oh, moment.

I’ve really enjoyed following Ekeh’s novels. This series has an eclectic mix of international politics, science fiction, and fantasy rarely found in novels. It is well thought out, plotted and delivered.

Until next time as the story continues.

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  • I’m currently reading The Clay Queen and have Clay to Ashes on my Kindle to start when I finish book 1. Looks like I’ll be needing to get book 3 queued up too!

  • Icon of clay by Ono Ekeh Five stars
    Bridget Blade, a woman from another world who believes she is a god. Maybe she is. She survived a massive dose of a unknown radiation that killed thousands at a monastery in France, a discharge of energy that she somehow absorbed. When her husband Jeremy decides to marry another woman Bridget awakens after spending three years submerged in a tank of liquid where she has been acting as a megawatt power plant, producing electricity by heating water to run steam turbines.
    Revered by the followers of the God Ryna, a religion that believes death is a condition to be embraced with joy and practices euthanasia, Bridget is sought after as an icon of their religion.
    The Thysians a younger religion, started by a sect of Rynean worshipers in protest of the blood thirsty practices of Ryna, have gained enough followers to become a major world power, threatening the very existence of the Rynians, forcing them from their temples and depriving them of their property.
    Sought after for scientific research Bridget becomes a pawn in a game of intrigue, and espionage, used as a bargaining chip in the survival of the Rynean way of life. Bridget however has her own objectives, and more than the capacity to generate massive amounts of heat resides within her..
    Ono Ekeh has painted his characters with such realism that I can’t decide whether I like them or not, they are so complex and multi-faceted. Loving, caring demanding and possessive, Bridget is not somebody you want to be angry at you as the revolutionary army of General Sojura discovers when they are responsible for the death of Jeremy’s brother Bede who is a Thynean priest who is running a refugee camp in the war torn country of Kaleku Africa.
    The surprises that await the reader of this book will not disappoint and will leave you eager to read the next book of the series.

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