For two hundred years, Cage Aldrich has haunted Charleston, searching for a new body with one intent: revenge on the hag who tortured him, then buried him beneath the waves.

For two hundred years, Genevieve Vetivier has never regretted sending Cage to his death. She looks ageless – for she possesses beauty fashioned by unspeakable evil.
For two months, Imogen Mortensen, an art student, has carved wood into a master work: a classical male statue. It’s proof of her talent.
It’s Cage’s only hope.
Will avenging his death cost Cage an opportunity at a first love and a second life at life? His soul, and an innocent girl’s future hang in the balance.
Beloved Dead journeys into the rich legends of Charleston, South Carolina. Haints, hags, and plat-eyes? The paranormal myths of the Deep South – revived.


A little about Embe first:

Embe Charpentier has written all her life, but only for publication since 2014. In 2015, her shorter works have been published nine times in online and print magazines such as “LitroNY”, “Science Fiction Romance Quarterly”, and “Gambling the Aisle”. Embe’s interest in Southern folklore began almost immediately upon moving to Georgia in 2001. On a trip to Savannah, she heard the legend of “haint blue”. The lovely shade of light teal- has long been painted on porches in the Carolina/ Georgia Low Country to keep the ghosts away. After investigating the expression, “Don’t let the hag ride ya,” Beloved Dead became as inevitable as a full moon rising. Embe is married, has three children and two grandchildren. She teaches English as a Second Language in a public school in suburban Atlanta. She finds joy in mentoring young writers.

Terence Vickers‘ Review: 3.5-Stars

Beloved Dead by Embe Charpentier

When artist Imogen Mortenson’s $5000 statue goes missing from her workshop the police are stumped. The only clues are an odd smell, coveralls that are also gone, and a pair of shoes also missing.

The mystery of the missing statue is solved when the statue is seen walking around as a flesh and blood man. Her statue has been possessed by the spirit of a young sailor who was cursed by a voodoo Boo Hag nearly two hundred years before. In his quest for revenge Micajah Aldrich, now going by the name Cage, is aided by old friends who have a seance business.

The relationship that develops between Imogen and Cage is unusual, to say the least, and lends a nice romantic undertone to this story.

His nemesis, a Boo Hag, is indeed a powerful and dangerous entity having survived for hundreds of years by taking over the bodies of young girls, by means, you will surely find gruesome. Genevive Vetivier who has gone through several identities since she laid the curse on Cage and is now the aging Christine Martin has plans to renew her youth. Will cage and his old, and new friends stop her before she takes another young girls life?

Written in a unique and unusual style that jumps hundreds of years in time and through multiple points of view this book will not be enjoyed by some readers who may have trouble following the plot. As an experiment in an unusual and seldom used style, it is not a complete failure, although I believe that with more experience Embe Charpentier will be delivering chilling and gripping 5-star books.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.4-Stars

This tale is unusual, in a good way. The story starts out with a missing statue. Soon, it evolves into ghosts, a serial killer, and a romance.

It’s a very original tale. The twists and turns take you through many lives. We get to know one old spirit, a Charleston man who was born in the 1800’s, a man of the water. I really liked his character and voice.

The dialog is very natural and brings the characters to life with a unique voice.
I won’t go into the plot, that you need to read. It will keep you guessing for quite some while. It’s written in first person present, which isn’t that easy to write, but the author pulls it off. It is geared towards the younger readers, under thirty, I would guess. The style is modern, fresh, and the action quick, just like the younger readers love. For us older readers, we’d prefer it to slow down a tad, bring in more descriptions, and scene settings, but this doesn’t take away from the unique storyline and if you’d love to give it a go as an older reader, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Recommended for those under thirty, and anyone who loves a unique ghost’s story.

Rated PG, for a sex scene, but it isn’t explicit.

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