The Naked Reviewers take great pride in our diversity and helping authors market their books. Awards are important and signify that an author’s work is above the standard and better.

We love giving out awards. We have Book Of The Week, Book Of The Month, and Book Of The Year awards.

These are the actual awards for Book Of The Year.

emotions-2384139_192012 emperor's choice seal

Depending on which one an author wins, they will get this seal put on the cover of the book and a trophy. They also win tons of other prizes like, a prominent spot on the website for a year, our top promotional package, which includes a review of the book by two people on our review team, full coverage on all social media between our staff for a week, and the reviews are shared to Amazon and Goodreads, an author interview on Sherry Terry’s personal blog along with an author takeover event party on Facebook with at least 3 other authors.  Hover over the menu tab then click on each winner to find a great book to read.