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From the star of Bravo’s hit reality show Below Deck, comes Running Against the Tide, the “Stud of the Sea’s” first-ever memoir recounting his journey from landlocked Saginaw, Michigan to the high seas, where he has spent more than twenty-five years as a superyacht captain. Written with the help of Michael Shohl.

The cast members of Below Deck are known for their catfights, scheming, personal attacks, and long-held grudges, but what keeps viewers coming back week after week is resident hero Captain Lee, the only cast member to appear in all five seasons.

But you don’t have to be one of Below Deck’s 1.5 million weekly viewers to appreciate Captain Lee’s story, which offers a glimpse behind-the-scenes at the luxury yachting industry and one of Bravo’s biggest franchises. From having to reclaim his drunk captain’s lost papers in the Dominican Republic to unwittingly crewing a drug boat out of Turks and Caicos to navigating the outrageous demands of the super-rich in New York City, Captain Lee’s tales from the high seas run the gamut, proving time and time again why he’s a fan favorite: he’s occasionally profane, he’s often surprising, but he’s never dull and, for the first time, he’s here to tell all.

A little about Captain Lee first:

Screenshot_2019-02-06 Captain Lee Rosbach on Instagram “Doing a book signing at Ft Lauderdale International Film Festival h[...]

Born and raised in Saginaw Michigan, Harold Lee Rosbach is the second of seven children. While Capt Lee has been in the industry for over 20 years, he started yachting a little later in life than your average “yachtie.” While living in the Turks and Caicos Islands managing a restaurant, Lee was attracted to the industry after serving as a mate on a sailboat delivery to earn some extra money. At the age of 35, Lee took the time to get his Captain’s license and left the restaurant management business to pursue his newfound passion for the seas.

Having worked both private and charter, Captain Lee prefers charter as he feels the joy he gets in seeing his guest’s reaction’s as they view the beautiful scenery. The gin clear water with its multiple shades of blue is priceless and not something he can get in an office setting. He loves his job and every day looks forward to new people and new adventures. Capt Lee is always ready to answer the call of the Caribbean, the Med or anywhere there are islands to explore. There is always a new adventure just beyond the sunset. Some of the superyachts that have been under his command are 164’ Cuor di Leone, 162’Mustang Sally, 155′ Ohana, 140′ Just Enough, 135’Atlantica, 120′ Sovereign, Pauly D, Insatiable, Morganstar, Mostro and 135’ Feadship, Sea Ghost.

You can find out all the latest and greatest about Captain Lee on his blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Guest Reviewer, Barbara: 4-Stars

I borrowed a copy of the book from a friend. Normally, I don’t read memoirs, but they said I would like this one, and I am a little familiar with the show on TV. It was a fast read. I read the whole thing in one day.

The book held my interest, and I’m glad I read it. Captain Lee is really funny and open about things that happened to him in his life.

I enjoyed reading this book with a good look at the yachting industry. I would have liked to read a little more about his family, but other than that, this was a good book.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 5-Stars

I took a chance and contacted Captain Lee on Twitter, asking if he would like us to review his book and do an author interview. He graciously said, “Of course,” and sent me a free hardback copy of Running With the Tide. In the interview, he speaks about what it is like to publish a book and be an author in today’s industry. And, he did it all with style, grace, and never being too busy for questions. Working with “The Stud of the Sea” can be crossed off my bucket list. What a pleasure!

I loved his memoir. Once I picked up Captain Lee’s book, Running Against the Tide, I couldn’t put it down. The cover is a great picture of him in the world he commands. If you have ever watched the show on Bravo TV, then you already know him. He captains his vessel with a firm hand and a no-nonsense attitude with witty one-liners which are aptly called, “Lee-isims”.

Running Against the Tide is told with the same straightforward way and lots of humor in bad situations only he can describe. This book is funny, it’s interesting even if you don’t watch the show and have no idea who this captain guy is, and filled with great life-lessons. His stories in this memoir are shared with a way to keep yourself alive in a hilarious way that makes you remember the safety advice when you need to. On or off a boat.

His style of running a business and asking the right questions of his crew is something I wish I had. Calm, honest, and a Lee-isim or two. The pictures of Captain Lee and his family are a wonderful addition, making this the memoir to read!

There are grown-up situations and adult language. F-bombs withstanding, I would let my teenage children read this.

Awesome, fun read!

Diane Andersen’s Review: 5-Stars

Before being handed this book to review, I had never heard of Captain Lee or the Bravo show, Below Deck, which has become his claim to fame. Nevertheless, I was eager to read this book just based on the cover and subject matter alone. I have always had a soft spot for anything to do with boating and high seas adventure.

Here before me was a real-life celebrity captain with a promise of salty old tales and a little armchair adventure. To enhance the reader experience further, I took the opportunity to “read” the audio version, narrated by none other than Captain Lee himself. I was all set on a course for adventure and the romance of the sea. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I would learn about the reality behind the scenes life of a yacht captain and the grueling road it takes to get there.

In Captain Lee’s memoir, he pulls no punches nor does he gloss over any of the hardships that brought him to the place he is today, as a recognized celebrity of a network television reality show. From his humble beginnings as a welder working on the dangerous heights of ship riggings to the risks of running a restaurant and bar on a Caribbean island, Lee writes with humor, candor and a droll, unassuming modesty.

When the restaurant proves an unwise investment, Lee turns to the sea hoping to build up enough hours aboard ship to qualify by coast guard standards to be a ship’s captain of a cruise ship or personal yacht. But even this doesn’t prove smooth sailing as he winds up serving under a captain prone to drunkenness and a penchant for misplacing things, like the papers that provide them safe passage into foreign ports.

I found myself listening to each tale as if I were sitting on a dock or at a seaside tavern across from Captain Lee. The chapters flew by with one tale seamlessly leading to another, culminating with his landing a part on Bravo’s successful series and offering a peek at the behind-the-scenes antics.

Having an audiobook read by the author is always a treat, especially when it’s a memoir. Admittedly, at first, I had some concern the gravely monotone would not hold my attention, but here again, I was pleasantly surprised to find it actually had the opposite effect. Lee’s voice lures you in, making you want to know more as the story builds like the rolling ocean tide. This is the kind of memoir I would return to again, and I’m definitely on a quest to watch the TV series now as well.

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