All it takes is a spark of Grrrrl power to set the swamp on fire!
Debra Henry is living the meek librarian cliche, except for the teeny hint of magic in her blood. As the keeper of magical knowledge passed down from her ancestors, she’s content with her quiet existence in the tiny town of Culford, South Carolina. But a monstrous attack could reveal her secret and end her life.

Maddox Moreau was a happy lone wolf until the day he spotted pretty, bewitching Debra along the trails of the Congaree Swamp. When he saves her, his fate is bound up in hers, and they have to learn to work together in a hurry to defeat the spread of evil.

Warning: This story contains librarian fetishes, Southern humor, smart-ass women and men who think that’s sexy, disco music, and flatulent Boxers (the dogs, not the underwear.) Also, medieval werewolf history nerds – this one is for you.


A little about Sela first:


Sela Carsen is an award-winning author of paranormal and sci-fi romance — with or without sex and dead bodies. Your pick. She maintains a permanent nerd-on for fairytales and mythology and openly hoards reference books about obscure folklore. Born a wanderer, she and her family have finally settled in the Midwest. Until they move again, at least.


Diane Andersen’s Review: 5-Stars

Debra Henry is a mild-mannered librarian in a small South Carolina town that holds a number of secrets to be revealed as the story unfolds, one being, there’s a werewolf roaming the National Park and Congaree Swamp. While passing through the National Park on her way home from work one night, she spots what appears to be a wolf. But there are no wolves in South Carolina, she assures herself. Or… are there? The next several days bring her up close and personal to Maddox Moreau, by day a National Park ranger but by night, he becomes a werewolf, and an irresistible one at that, especially after he saves Debra from a deadly encounter with some demonic being who threatens to uncover a dark secret of Debra’s past.

Carolina Wolf is an easy and fun read full of all the charm and lore of werewolves, witches and a Southern Gothic setting. As a history nerd, who also enjoys the occasional fantasy or romance fix, I found this to be my cup of Southern tea. A perfect blend of folklore, fantasy, romance, and best of all, a touch of antebellum history in a real-world American setting. Add in a dash of snarky humor and a dose of spicy sex with a rugged romantic hero. A little something for everyone, all packed in a nice tight little tale perfect for an afternoon reverie or to while away a long wait at the airport or a day at the beach. Maybe even take along on a trip to South Carolina to visit the places Carson writes about and has experienced in her many adventures traveling around the globe. After reading this book, I now want to take a road trip to South Carolina and experience the essence of a sultry southern night, hear the cicadas in the Congaree National Park and perhaps, see if I too can hear the call of wolves lurking in the dark forest.

Terence Vickers’ Review: 5-Stars

Well written and full of fun as well as danger Carolina Wolf is a delightfully sinful short read. A mayor obsessed with the town’s new librarian, things that howl at the moon and scintillating sex keep the reader immersed in the story right to the end.

The lovable and despicable characters and the mix of terror and humor make this quick read a delight. A surprising plot twist with teeth and claws, a deadly silver dagger, and ancient family secrets provide an element of danger and intrigue to a lust story for a pretty librarian, Debra Henry, who herself is much more than she appears.

I hope we will be seeing more from Sela Carsen here at The Naked Reviewers.

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