When nothing is what it seems, who can you trust?

Martin Garrett has sworn to die rather than go back to prison. He’ll stop at nothing to reach freedom, but even he can’t win over the forces of nature. When he gets caught in a violent snowstorm, he has no choice but to seek shelter. He can’t know that the young woman opening the door will change his life forever.
Fleeing her troubled past in Arizona, leaving her loved ones behind, Mia Cassidy has found solace in an isolated cabin in the deep woods of Colorado. She’s hesitant to let the tall, hulking, and oddly attractive stranger into her home, but the storm is lethal. She has no way of knowing this chance encounter will rip her from her cocoon and make her question everything she thought she knew.

Trapped together, their unexpected meeting soon turns into a battle of wills and a fight against the irresistible pull between them. When the fragile trust they’ve built is betrayed, everything comes crashing down. Mia must unravel the secrets and find the truth before it’s too late to save either of them.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary love story is not your typical wine and chocolates romance. It has a dark edge but if you’re up for the ride there is a guaranteed HEA. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, betrayal, and power exchange.

A little about Nicolina first:

Nicolina Martin is a Swedish born author who escapes the long, dark winter nights by writing hot contemporary romance/suspense.

She’s a mother of three teenage girls, a medical doctor, a quirky loner, and a social human being. She has traveled the globe, has had more lovers than she can count, has loved and hated, succeeded and failed, has gone through marriage and divorce. She has seen darkness and despair, as well as light and happiness.

All these experiences, she pours into her tales, taking her readers for a wild ride while twisting their minds. She loves showing that stories can be different even if the trope is the same.

Nicolina believes that life is too short for regrets and in looking forward, no matter what. She wants to enjoy every moment, and cherish life.

To find out more about Nicolina Martin, visit her official website. https://www.nicolinamartin.com

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.9-Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed Break My Chains by Nicolina Martin. The cover is good and speaks to what kind of book you’ll read – a romance. However, the sex scenes are XXX rated, there is bondage and spanking, so you have been warned.

This book is raw, gritty, terrifying, and has hot steamy sex scenes. Break My Chains is a page turner that keeps you reading to find out what is going to happen and how the main male character, Martin can possibly be redeemed.

Mia lives alone in a secluded cabin on the run from her past. During a blizzard, she opens her door to a stranger in need of saving, Martin and save him she does. He isn’t there an hour when his face flashes across the news, saying he is a serial killer. They don’t hit it off, and Mia is desperate to get rid of him or escape.

By the time the snowstorm is over, they have found a way to coexist and saved each other from the past they are desperate to run from. I do not want to give away any spoilers, but suffice it to say there is a happy ending. Break My Chains is a seat of your pants read, and I recommend with all my heart to anyone who likes to read racy sex, scary moments, and raw emotions.

I found a typo and some repeating words, but they did not take away from my overall enjoyment of the story.

Terence Vickers’ Review: 4.9-Stars

An isolated farmhouse, snowed in, a stranger comes knocking . . . Break My Chains at first seems like an: oh another cabin romance–meh. Things get pretty lively in a hurry though. The plot quickly morphs into a crime thriller that stands up well on its own.

A unique blend of suspense, mystery, humor, romance, and sex make this hard to put down.

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  • Pascale’s Review: 4.8 Stars

    There are so many wonderful aspects to this story. In addition to the extra steamy sexy-time, there’s an intensity between the two main characters that forced me to consume this in nearly one sitting. I loved the murder mystery as well as the emotional growth of both characters.

    It was quite remarkable how so much conflict, transformation, and unexpected turns fit into this tight timeframe, clearly demonstrating the author’s storytelling skill. It was cinematic in proportion. Two characters who were basically unlikable at the start earned my most exuberant encouragement to get to the HEA they clearly deserved.

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