Can the stars guide your way? Can patterns in the sky lead you?

Leon would have said no. All his life, he believed in getting where he was going by the hard work of his own hands.

But lately…lately, things have been different. Things have been downright unexplainable.




A little about Bree first:



Coffee is wonderful. Coffee spurns my writing. I’m a married lady with three furry babies and my day job is teaching dance. I eat noodles like they’re vegetables and I can’t swim. Bios are weird to write.


Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.5-Stars

I like this story a lot. I feel the cover doesn’t do the story justice but then again it does speak to what the story is about.

Bree M Lewandowski has done a fabulous job with Constellations. This is a short, fast read with a creepy element and a happy ending. The main character, Leon is very well-rounded, and I can feel his pain. I don’t want to give anything away, so it’s going to be hard to talk about the story.

Leon sees stars everywhere he goes. He can’t figure out if they are a sign or just his imagination. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. If I say anymore, it will give everything away.

The writing is well-done with a few typos, but this did not take away from my enjoyment of the story.

Guest Reviewer – B. Russell: 4-Stars

Overall, I found this short story to be an easy read and quite compelling. I was drawn in immediately and read it straight through without stopping. I must mention the fact that there are some typos, incorrect tenses and overuse of commas, as well as several confusing parts of the story. It needs more editing and perhaps a rewrite of the ending. After all of the buildup, it just ended suddenly, and I was like, wait, what?

I do appreciate the author’s writing style- great description, character development, and an appealing flow. I would very much like to read more of Bree M Lewandowski’s work. (this is a very small suggestion- maybe not necessary at all but consider calling his bottle opener a bar key).

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  • 4.9 stars -1 point for a typo.
    Leon Climes has something strange happening to him. He keeps seeing stars everywhere, on the bar drink men where he works, on t-shirts and billboards everywhere.
    Constellations is a short quick read with a real surprise twist at the end you will be sure to enjoy. Good to read on the way way to work on the bus, you can enjoy it in a half hour or so. Unlike many of the shorts I see lately this one is a complete story, not a teaser to get you to buy the full edition or to lure you into reading a series, it is a true stand-alone tale. A good one for anyone who likes a hint of the paranormal in their reading.

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