When Natalie Boyd inherits an old cabin in the north Georgia mountains, she thinks it could be the answer to all of her problems. She’s ready to start over after a heartbreaking divorce, and the cabin on the banks of a river once mined for gold is the perfect hideaway for her new, reclusive life.

No sooner does she settle in, and Natalie realizes that living in the shadow of Good Hope Mountain isn’t what she expected. Her new neighbor, Jonathan Wilby, has plans for his property as soon as winter’s over, and that means noise, traffic, and people. To make things worse, he’s drop-dead gorgeous and could charm the skin off a snake.

Natalie braces herself to do battle over the land and to resist Wilby’s charms, but her healing heart, an incredible discovery, and unexpected friendships along the way bring a gold mine of change she never expected – and just in time for Valentine’s Day.


A little about Danielle first:


Danielle Thorne is the author of classic romance and adventure in several genres. She loves Jane Austen, pirates, beaches, cookies, cats, dogs, and long naps. She does not like phone calls or sushi. A graduate of BYU-Idaho, Danielle saw early work published by Arts and Prose Magazine, Mississippi Crow, The Nantahala Review, StorySouth, and… you get the idea. Besides writing, she’s edited for both Solstice and Desert Breeze Publishing. Her growing blog, The Balanced Writer, focuses on writing, life, and the pursuit of peace and happiness. Currently, Danielle freelances as a non-fiction author while waiting to hear from readers like you through her website. During free time, which means when Netflix is down, she combs through feedback and offers virtual hugs for reviews. Her next historical romance is coming soon.

Karen Meyer’s Review: 4.8-Stars

This was a delightful love story with enough friction between the characters to make it fun. I felt like it was a bit wordy and could have done with a few less similes and metaphors, and I did like her idea of the gold mine in the whirlpool.

I would recommend this book to my romance novel fans!

Diane Andersen’s Review: 5-Stars

Valentine Gold by Danielle Thorne

Like a warm cup of cocoa on a wintry day, this novel satisfies and soothes in all the right places. The nostalgic, Americana setting of the Georgia Appalachians along with the post-Christmas mood, brings this home for a holiday treat any sweet romance reader can indulge in, preferably curled under a homemade quilt with a cup of tea or cocoa in hand and a warm fire would be nice too. But even if those elements are not available, the reader can feel the warmth and cozy atmosphere with every turn of the page in this sweet tale of second chance love.

Natalie returns to her family homestead after the death of her beloved Aunt Polly, who has now bequeathed the mountain retreat for her exclusive use. But returning home, especially after a painful divorce, is not an easy thing to do. It only gets worse when her neighbor, Jonathan Wilby, has plans to turn the area into vacation rental property. Natalie’s plans for a life of seclusion and peace are soon challenged, especially when the town gossip takes note of her and her growing attraction to Mr. Wilby.

Like any good holiday romance, the problems are few and easily solved. But that’s fine with me! The holidays are problematic enough for me in real life, so I look to these sorts of stories that are fun, easy escapes, where life is simpler, always a perfect, picturesque setting and there are no dishes to wash or holiday clutter to clean. I like thinking there are places where life is easy, any problems are easily solved in a couple hundred pages and always a guaranteed “happily ever after” ending.

My only requirements are well-written characters, dialogue and descriptions and keep the pace moving. For the most part, Valentine Gold delivers. The beginning is a bit overstated and tedious at times, in belaboring a few simple moves across the room or the description of a country church, which, for being non-liturgical free Christian, seemed rather ornate and shiny for its age and location. But otherwise, once the story gets rolling it moves along at a nice pace and is not too “preachy”, which is another pet peeve of mine with Christian based romances. Valentine Gold would make a nice light read for a Christian women’s book club discussion or an addition to a church or Christian school library.

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  • Valentine Gold 4 stars
    The story itself is basically good but shows some glaring technical errors in research. There is no G1 in bingo. Rivers don’t feed streams, streams feed into rivers. You can’t just mine on your land without first filing for mineral rights and staking a mining claim, nor can you build a bridge without getting permits to do so. Lighting a fire in the oven of a wood stove is a really bad Idea since the oven doesn’t connect to the chimney. I could not get a clear picture of the geography, with a river that has to be crossed to get to part of her property and to the neighbours, and no mention of having to cross a river via the road to get there.

    The romance and the way it is presented is good, evoking feelings in the reader although the story follows a pretty well-worn path, which is all too familiar. The way the town’s people are presented does give one the feel of a small closely knit community, and their relationships seem realistic to me having lived most of my life in a small town.

    All in a pleasant if not riveting tale which would be better appreciated by lovers of romance, which is not my favourite genre, who are not as picky about detais as I am.

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