We have also reviewed 13 Dark Tales Collection One by Michael Martin.

When Colin Thurcroft decided to expand his hiking-gear business with a retail outlet, the derelict shop close to the center of his home town seemed ideal. But something truly bizarre happened there nearly forty years ago, and it has left behind some tantalizing clues. As Colin digs deeper, he comes face to face with an international conspiracy beyond his wildest imaginings and the darkest of government secrets. Brought to the very edge of reason, he must challenge his understanding of reality and accept a future within which the human race has little influence.



A little about Mike first:


Mike has a degree in mechanical engineering and well-written HND in multimedia. He has worked as a design engineer, a volunteer IT tutor, a medical records officer and is currently a freelance graphic designer and computer animator. The aim of his writing is to create imaginative, supernatural thrillers populated by believable characters in realistic settings. He lives in the UK.
You can find him on:
Twitter: @MRMartin_Author
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MichaelRMartinAuth

Karen Meyer’s Review: 3.5-Stars

I am sure there are lots of people who would enjoy this book, but it was a little too complex for my enjoyment. I had a hard time following the storyline because I just wasn’t really involved with the main character. Actually, he was just not a very nice person. It was a rather long book with lots of different characters and that too made it a little hard to follow.

This was more of a mystery and that is my least favorite genre. I do not want to discourage this author because I must say he does have a vivid imagination. I would have gotten more into it if Colin not been married and running around on his wife. If he had met Wendy earlier in the book to bring a little romance into play. I try to read all the books I review from front to back and I did this one but it was a struggle.

Sherry Terry’s Review: 4.5-Stars

Area 62 is a well-written book by Mike Martin. I love the cover. It’s kind of creepy and futuristic looking that works well for the story.

Mike Martin has an incredible ability with description. He made me feel like I was in the story, and he gave me a beautiful look into life and the area of Cumbria. Mike works magic with his power of description. I do wish the characters were a bit more fleshed out, maybe with some of the five senses and emotions. For me, all the characters kind of ran together and I had a hard time separating them from each other at times. However, this did not really take away from my overall enjoyment of the story.

Area 62 is a supernatural thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat filled with secret government agencies, an interstellar conspiracy, time travel, and aliens. There is even a little love story.

This science fiction book will take on the ride of your life.

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