What happens to toys when children don’t play with them? Where do toys go when their children grow up? What happens when there are too many toys in one house? Find out when Samantha goes on an exciting underground adventure as she tries to find her best friend after they were separated.

A little about Jessica first:

Jessica D. Adams writes children’s books about The Underground Toy Society that aim to teach children to love and appreciate what they have, think of others, and hopefully clean their rooms. Jessica’s two daughters are the inspiration for the books, as well as co-illustrators for many of the books. Jessica also wrote a short time travel chapter book, Meeting Grandmom, which is a great story for kids as well as adults to remember or talk about lost loved ones and family history. Jessica has visions of The Underground Toy Society traveling around the world, with many books being created to help teach children to clean their rooms, appreciate what they have, and think of those who may not have as much. While the goals of the books are to help kids want to clean their rooms, appreciate what they have, and think of others, there are no guarantees that kids will learn these lessons. These books are for entertainment purposes and individual results may vary.

Nine-year-old Madi’s Review: 5-Stars

I loved the book. The cover is a good blue color and the two dolls are cute. I thought it was sad when the girls were too grown-up to play with their toys, so two dolls Stacy and Samantha were put on a shelf and then separated to live in different houses. I liked the book so much, I wanted to go inside the book and live as Samantha.

The pictures were good, the dolls were pretty, and I liked how they looked so different. I loved it when the two dolls met again and Samantha made all those friends in the Underground Toy Society.

I could give some of my toys away to kids who don’t have any.

Five-year-old Logan’s Review: 100 and thousand-Stars

Sherry: Did you like the story?

Logan: I like it but it was so sad at the part where they missed each other. I was crying because the part where they didn’t see each other was sad and the part where they give their toys away is happy.

Sherry: How do you feel about the pictures?

Logan: The drawings were good.

Sherry: How did the book make you feel?

Logan: It made me think about my toys and love them more, but not give them away ’cause I like my toys.

Karen Meyer’s Review: 5-Stars

What a darling story and I love the illustrations. This is a very good book and a good object lesson for kids. Kids have too many toys and when mom or dad give some away this would be a good book to have on the shelf. Like Toy Story, these toys come to life in order to find her doll friend. Finding there were children with toys that were not getting the attention they deserved, a doll named Samantha found the solution. That’s how the Underground Toy Society was formed. They would dig tunnels from house to house, with the help of Murry Mole. The children rarely missed the toys that weren’t getting attention because they had too many to play with. So it was good for the children as well as the toys.

Thanks, Jessica for such a heartwarming story and for giving parents a book to help with the passing on of toys that need attention. I give this book 5 stars.

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  • verysherryterry@yahoo.com

    Sherry Terry: 4.7-Stars

    The Underground Toy Story by Jessica Adams is a very cute read with adorable drawings. I am pleased the author’s young girls drew the pictures for the book and the cover, they really bring the story alive.

    This book is about two sisters outgrowing their toys and not playing with them anymore. Two of the sister’s toys are dolls named Samantha and Stacy. They are best friends, and all too soon they are on a shelve and then separated when the sisters grow up and move away from home.

    Once apart, Samantha missed Stacy and her other friends and wanted to find them. She meets a mole, and he helps the two dolls find each other. Along the way, Samantha meets lots of new friends and helps toys find children to play with and love them. I’ll not give it away, but the twist in the Underground Toy Society makes this a wonderful lesson for children about loving and playing with their toys.

    What a fun, cute book with cool drawings. I highly recommend this book for all children 2-years to eleven-years.

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