Choice. What choice? Victorian beauties confronted by sinful Dickensian rogues. Will Elspeth and Amanda make the right choices and eventually find happiness? Two sizzling melodramas that will transport you into the heart of Victorian London!

Publisher’s Note: This steamy set of historical romances is comprised of the following two full-length novels. Both contain old fashioned discipline suited to the era in which the book is set.
A Victorian girl abandoned…
Born in a distant land, Elspeth returns to London with the hope of a new love but disaster strikes and she is left destitute. How can a woman alone survive the rigors of Victorian London? Will she find the promise of a fresh start and the right man?

A Victorian girl with secrets…
When Amanda saves a cat – no ordinary pussy cat, either – she is drawn into involvements with two men… but which is the more dangerous?

A little about Vanessa first:

Vanessa Brooks – penning passion! International best selling author Vanessa, lives in the heart of Sussex, England. She writes strong characters and includes passion and power exchange in all her books.
When not being an author, Vanessa is out and about with her husband, exploring Britain’s many castles and stately homes, stopping for scones & tea at every opportunity!
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Diane Andersen’s Review: 5-Stars

Two interconnected stories, contained in this two-novel set, will keep romance readers turning pages till the end. The first introduces Elspeth setting out for London from her home in India and hoping for a better life than she has had since her father passed away and she jumped into what seemed like a suitable marriage. Unfortunately, soon after marrying a dashing soldier who sweeps her off her feet, she learns he has particular tastes in the bedroom that are both repulsive, abusive and most certainly not in keeping with an officer and a gentleman. But when Elspeth turns up pregnant, she finds a means of escape. Henry, her husband, decides to send her to his parents’ house in London where his child can be raised properly and he can continue his unsavory pursuits, including an Opium addiction.

On board the ship, Elspeth immediately falls into the arms of an equally dashing, but much kinder, professor who insists their shipboard romance continue once they reach London. And that’s where this story really becomes a page turner of twists and turns until its triumphal and requisite “happily ever after” conclusion. There is enough here to entice and titillate the ardent romance reader but also, surprisingly, some substantial, well researched facts about life in late Victorian England and Imperial India that will engage history nerds like this reviewer.

The second novel dovetails on the first by taking the sibling of one main character and telling her story. Amanda is the shipboard professor’s younger sister, who has a habit of getting herself into trouble, just the kind that make plotting a romance story fun for both writer and readers. When she learns of a cat impounded for biting a lady, Amanda must do her best to rescue the poor creature. It just so happens the cat is owned by a hot London gentleman, Adam Lawson, who of course, falls for this Victorian beauty with a soft spot for animals and their tempestuous and tawdry relationship takes off, full of enticing bedroom scenes, spankings and spicy love making that comes as fair warning to any readers who prefer sweet to spice and may not care for graphic descriptions of physical abuse.

This reviewer found some scenes a bit seat squirming and others a tad eye-rolling, but the writing flowed well and gave enough description to bring the scenes effortlessly to life and kept me thinking about both stories long after the ending. While this sort of story is not my usual fare, I would heartily recommend it to avid readers or historical romance.

Sherry Terry’s Review: Did Not Finish (DNF)

I’m torn over this book. I love historical romance, and I always feel so bad when I have to give a review on a book that unfortunately, didn’t do it for me.

I do like the idea for the stories, and the cover is amazing. The cover is bold and striking, letting you know you’re going to read a historical romance. I didn’t find any spelling or formatting issues in the part I read.

My biggest problem with the book is the lack of emotions from the characters. This reads more like a list of stuff that happens instead of a descriptive romance. The thing missing from the story is the thoughts, emotions, and reasoning of the characters.

A young girl is traveling for the first time from her home in India on a steamer ship to London with a second class ticket. As she boards the ship, she is invited by a man she doesn’t know into his first class stateroom to eat a meal. I found this lacking the description, emotion, and all the good stuff that brings me into the character’s world. I wanted to know how she felt about all these new things. Was it exciting to be in a first class room? Was she a little afraid? What did the man smell like, what did the room look like…

There are lots of big, fancy $10 words. I had to look up some of them. I didn’t feel they really add to the story, it just made the writing feel forced.

I feel really bad that I did not finish this book, and what I did read, I give 3-Stars. I could never take off my editor’s hat.

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