Dreamscape: Looking for Altheda is a psychological fantasy quest entwined with a wide range of traditional stories and themes that’ll be sure to evoke some genuine scares in young readers. Amid the absurdity of negotiating a fairy tale world that exists inside a wooden chest, the young protagonist, Samuel Flynn, unspools an impossible adventure with heart-racing perils that unfold in the land of Dreamscape. The story takes many turns with humorous situations that’ll surely make readers giggle and gasp right up until the climax when Sam battles it out with an evil queen and saves not only Dreamscape, but his own world too.

A little about Elizabeth first:

In 2015, my husband and I sold up and left Sydney to live in a caravan. We’ve travelled ever since and have experienced many adventures of our own from a mini tornado to floods cutting us off from civilization. I love chocolate and anything sweet and delicious, reading YA fantasy books and watching adventure movies. I mostly write Children’s and Young Adult fantasy stories, but I consider myself more of a daydreamer and seeker of wondrous realms.


Karen Meyer’s Review: 5-Stars

When I started reading after Sam went to Dreamscape it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Then I thought of Forest Gump where he had all these incredible things happen to him and he told about them so nonchalantly.

I loved the book and the way the author brought up the fairy tale people so seamlessly and made it work. The adventure was outstanding. The age group will enjoy this little book a lot I predict. I highly recommend it as a YA genre and want to thank Elizabeth for turning it in for review. I give it 5 stars and hope to see more from this author.

Elkin Hardcoves’ Review: 4.8-Stars

Never before have I read a book with so many characters and elements from different fables, nursery rhymes, and children’s stories that felt so much like an original story. I’ve read a few before that have mixed together elements from older stories but most of them have felt more like story patchwork.

Sam sets off on a quest to rescue his long lost grandmother from another world, accessed through an old chest using a green coat. On his way, he meets lots of familiar characters, some who aid his journey and some who try to end it. All the way through it’s fast-paced and set in a world that is so beautifully intricate that it’s easy to imagine yourself right alongside the characters.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

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  • Elizabeth Klein

    Thank you so much Karen and Elkin for your lovely reviews and I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. (Don’t forget there’s book 2 in this series too that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.)
    Is there any way to upload them onto Goodreads?
    Just a wild thought.

    Sincerely thank you both.

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