“Don’t do that! That’s our home! You’re just not being green. Use a bin or take it home. Keep the beaches clean.” Starfish, Crab, and Seagull live on a beautiful beach which is being ruined by rubbish and plastic. Join them as they speak to the people on the beach and remind them about the importance of looking after the beaches and coastlines for everyone.



A little about Jude first:

Born in the seaside town of Southport on the North West Coast of England, I spent 11 years living and teaching in London before settling back up north in Liverpool in 2011. I was an Early Years Teacher for 18 years which complemented my love of all things creative, books and words. Since leaving teaching I’ve changed from a teacher who loved writing into an author who loves storytelling.

I love walking, camping in Buttercup, reading, music, going to gigs and the beach. I’m also rather partial to chocolate and my favourite animals are elephants but don’t tell Lamby!

I love writing books for children and I also run a storytelling business called Little Lamb Tales. I have published 18 books for children to date and I love the imagination and creativity involved in writing for this age group. Many of my stories feature my storytelling mascot Lamby who even has his own Facebook page. My writing is branching out into Adult fiction and in November 2019 I launched my collection of short stories for the adult market. I am currently working on a full-length novel. I am a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Team Author UK and I am the current Disney Winnie the Pooh Laureate for the North West of England. I am also a Patron of Reading whose main mission is to encourage and promote reading for pleasure. For 18 years I was a teacher who loved writing and now I’m an author who loves storytelling… how does it get any better than that?

5-Year-Old Logan’s Review: 5-Stars

My favorite part of the book was teaching the people to pick up the trash, and I didn’t like the people throwing their stuff on the ground. They made a mess on the beach, and people shouldn’t do that.

The pictures were funny, and I liked them a lot. My favorite character is the crab because it’s a girl and has silly chins. The seagull is really smart.

I learned a lot of lessons about keeping the beach clean. I learned not to throw my trash on the beach because the earth is so pretty and the trash all over the world will make it look ugly. And, I learned about being green. I really liked this book a lot.

10-Year-old Madi’s Review: 4.5-Stars

My favorite part was when the crab had her claws on her hips and was loud with her tiny little lips. We learned a few lessons about using reusable straws and don’t litter. The main lesson was don ‘t litter and use reusable bags and other things. If there isn’t any, take your trash home or throw it in a trash bin.

Crab was totally my favorite character. The looks on the faces of the fish in the tide pools, they all looked different with expressions you could read. They didn’t like the trash and taught people how to be green and keep the beach clean. They told them the lessons on being green and what to do with your trash.

The beach belongs to the characters and they don’t like anyone throwing their trash everywhere.

I take away a half of a point because it said the same thing over and over. But, I did love the book and I think it teaches some good things on how to be green and make the world a better place.

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  • Elkin Hardcoves

    That’s our home
     by Jude Lennon

    Psychologists say it takes anywhere from five to seven times repeated
    for any message to have a chance to get stored into long-term memory.
    Well, if that’s true, the message against littering on beaches has a
    strong chance of getting stored into memory with this book. In a prose
    style reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, Starfish, Crab, and Seagull, run
    through most of the permutations of beach littering that would do
    Smokey the bear proud on their simplicity, and succinctness. You might
    also periodically have “Don’t do that! That’s our home…” running
    through your head at odd hours. Trust me, it is kind of catchy. A
    sighted friend even likes the pictures. While the book was clearly
    formulated with children in mind, its message is equally applicable
    for anyone of any age.

    I’d give this book 4.9 out of 5.

  • verysherryterry@yahoo.com

    Sherry Terry’s Review: 5-Stars

    The cover is very cute and enticing, full of bright colors and colorful characters. I liked the book very much. I loved the message of keeping the beaches clean. Jude Lennon did a splendid job giving ways to get rid of your trash other than throwing it on the ground. She promoted re-usable items like straws, drinking containors, and bags which I thought was a great idea.

    I thought the message was clear and concise and the drawings really brought the story home.

  • I absolutely LOVE this children’s book about protecting the environment by not littering. The soft colors of the illustrations are soothing and expertly done. The characters are drawn to appeal to children without getting too cartoonish or outlandish — perfect balance. There is a wonderful, repeating chant for the kids about keeping the beach clean that is easy to remember and especially fun when read with children as a bed time story.

    The writing here is not only age appropriate, but a lot of fun too.
    At the end, there is a wonderful list of things children can do to help keep litter and rubbish away from the beautiful animals on the beach featured across the book.

    Generally I am very sparing of my praise, but I sincerely believe this book is worth 5 stars and definitely can suggest it to anyone.

  • Diane Andersen

    As an elementary school teacher I would have loved to add this to our classroom library. The story is fun and engaging told by beach creatures who also share a very important environmental message about littering. Yet the story is not preachy or dull in its delivery and the brightly colored whimsical illustrations serve to enhance the story and message even further. A great addition to any early childhood beach unit, family vacation or birthday gift.

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