The Naked Reviewers Book Awards

As we at the Naked Reviewers wind up our first year of successful blogging and reviewing independent authors from all genres, we decided to take this to the next level by offering a competitive awards program to help further celebrate the achievements of indie book publishing.

While we realize there are many awards available to authors these days, most are cost prohibitive or over-saturated with entries or worse, are nothing but scams. As fellow independent authors, we do understand the overwhelming task of choosing just the right one to fit each author’s marketing interests. So, after some careful research and planning, we’ve devised an award to meet precisely what will benefit authors the most at an affordable entry fee.

These are preliminary drawings, we are updating them as we speak. The awards will be:


Depending on which award your book wins, you will get the seal on your cover, and this 7.5-inch trophy with the seal where it says Free Logo and will include your name and book title.

Our awards offer yet another way to reach readers by showcasing two top winning categories plus all entries will receive a review spot on our blog in the upcoming year or personalized feedback with a catchy quote for your book cover or back blurb. Finalists receive a trophy, a logo sticker for book covers and promotional use, plus our top promotional package, which includes full coverage on all social media between our staff of reviewers as well as reviews on Amazon, Good Reads and our blog.

With a growing number of awards these days for indie authors, we want to provide a quality service of reviews and promotion. We are a team that enjoys reading, reviewing and sharing news about books we are excited about reading and celebrating. We are not here to take advantage of authors or merely take their hard-earned money. That said, we are also busy authors and reviewers who want to offer a quality award and promotion program for all concerned.

Our time is valuable too, and running such a program does incur a cost. Therefore, authors have a number of options at their disposal with TNR and can always submit their work for consideration for a one-time free review spot on our blog. This option will always be an option along with the paid promotion packages that are available to anyone at any time.

Two annual awards will be offered for books published in each calendar year beginning with 2016: one for children’s/young adult fiction and the other for adult fiction.

Award Categories

Exposing the Emperor’s Best Book of the Year

Exposing books to thorough and honest reviews is what we do best, much like the beloved Hans C Andersen fairy tale of the emperor who bared it all in the name of proving himself fit for office. Likewise, we will choose one book from the pool of submissions that proves itself worthy of being the best above the rest. Books will be judged on the quality of cover art, effectiveness in reaching the target age group, exceptional writing quality, meticulous formatting, and internal layout and design elements.

The Lady Godiva Book Award

Taken from the fabled story of the courageous woman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry, shielded only by her long hair, in order to protest cruelty and oppression, this award showcases the best in adult fiction. Thus, to award the courage and tenacity it takes to produce a quality independent book in today’s changing industry, we designed this award for the best overall novel in adult fiction. Categories include (but are not limited to) Science fiction, fantasy, time slip, Romance, historical fiction, erotica/LGBT, Christian/inspirational, etc.

We will also offer some feedback on your book if it’s not chosen.

Entry Requirements

  1. Books must have a publication date between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2016 – 2018
  2. Submissions are open between Jan 1, 2019, to March 31, 2019
  3. Winners will be announced by June 1, 2019- once these winners are announced, we will reopen the contest on June 1, 2019, for the rest of the year through the last day of Dec.
  4. Follow the submission guidelines for entering books on the website “awards submission” form, here.
  5. Entry fee per book, per award category, is $50. Books previously reviewed by TNR can enter at the discounted rate of $45.

Please use the submission form to enter.