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With us, there is earning potential. Please contact Sherry Terry at for more information. Put in the subject line, “I want to review books”.

9abThe Naked Reviewers are always looking for new team members. When you join our team, you are given access to a Facebook group where you can vote on the books we review.

We accept all genres and only take books we feel we can give 4-Stars or better. You will never be asked to review a book you don’t vote yes or maybe on.

At the moment, we have two child reviewers. Sherry’s grandkids love doing reviews with The Naked Reviewers. 10-year-old Madi and her 6-year-old brother Logan always want to know if we have any new children’s books in their age group. Take a look at their profile and what they like to read here. They vote on age-appropriate books, read the book (or have the book read to them), and Sherry writes down what they say about the book.

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Do you know a child, young adult, or teenager who likes books? We would love for them to join our group of age under 18 reviewers. If your child is not old enough to have an email account, then they might need the help of an adult so they can vote, receive their free copy of the book, and send Sherry Terry their reviews. Only age-appropriate books will be sent to the children for voting and reading.

We host books for all ages and including kids in the process is important to us. If you know a child who would be interested in being on the team, email Sherry Terry at and put in the subject line, “My kid wants to do reviews with you”.

Here is a tiny sample of the children, young adult, and teenage books we have reviewed.

YA fantasy novel    Children’s Book    Coming of Age    Fun Learning Material

Every image of a cover is a link that leads to a third-party retailer (Amazon) and is an affiliate link. If you purchase the product in question by clicking on the cover, we earn a small portion of the profits from the retailer.

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