Meet our group!

Sherry Terry

100_9637I will review anything that is well-written. I keep in mind what the target audience would like, and review towards them. My favorite genre is romance and erotica. My pet peeve is weak writing, and if I see it a lot, I will stop reading and move onto the next book. For more information on what I mean by weak writing, please see this article – Stronger Writing Made Easy.
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RA Winter

I like anything but religion, poetry, political, memoirs. In a 5 star book, I look at prose, writing style, clarity, movement, character development, and description. I don’t like to get bored.
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Tinker Books Publishing (Terence Vickers)

VfboD8_5m8SijVh-UIUzokBXFsfupExqJpHO3ZiMgj4XjU335WRgcl3WqlRzyCmW (1)I began to read when comic books cost a dime and it is still a favourite Pastime. Some of my favourites are westerns, detectives, science fiction, and fantasy. My favourite authors are Lois LaMour, RA Heinlien, Peirs Anthony and many more. I will read and give an honest review of virtually any book, any genre although I don’t really care for zombies, Vampire Romance, or erotica.

I don’t usually give a book a five-star rating, as a publisher I look at all aspects of the book. Presentation, formatting, spelling, grammar, word choice etcetera and anything that catches my eye will cost points. Each star is worth ten points to me so I can usually give a four-star or better rating.

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Diane Andersen

I’m open to reading anything across all genres, but my favorites are historical fiction, romance, family saga, and children’s lit. (including picture books, MG and YA) I love reading solid stories with strong characters, interesting plots and lyrical, literary writing.
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Karen Meyer

I don’t read as much as I did 9 years ago before my husband was killed in a tractor accident. Therefore, I don’t like reading long books over 500 pages. Even if it is amazing, I just don’t sit still that long. I love most genres but my favorite is historical romance, fantasy and books about animals. Punctuation is not my strong suit but can’t stand to find a misspelled word in a novel. I want to identify with the character and I have to be pulled into the book to enjoy it. If those two things happen with no bad spelling and you will a 5-star review from me.

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Elkin Hardcoves

indexI will review anything that is well crafted: I strive to assess how well the work meets the desires of the target audience; how well the work meets stylistic goals; and general genre conventions. While I have a slight personal preference towards Science-fiction, there is not a genre that I have not enjoyed works from.
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100_2586Madi is 9 years-old and reviews all of our children’s books.

I like to read books with lots of good pictures, and lots of action, and fun. I like funny books and superhero books.
At this time Madi is not old enough to have social media.



The Naked Reviewers would like to give a special introduction for our next reviewer. She does things a little differently, and we like diversity.  When she reviews your book, you will need to hang on tight. She never takes off her SPaG hat (spelling, punctuation, and grammar). Just sayin’.

Corinne Morier (aka The Discerning Reader)

0001I enjoy a lot of different kinds of books, though my favorites are romance and fantasy, particularly high fantasy and sword-and-sorcery with romance elements. Think Ella Enchanted or the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede.
Some books that have really shaped my reading tastes are Eragon, the Abhorsen trilogy, and the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, which I continue to rave about to this day. My favorites (aside from those) are Lord of the Rings, Where Carpets Fly by Elise Edmonds, and The Golden Compass, though I have been known to dabble in non-fantasy genres including mystery and literary-ish fiction in the style of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The Thief Lord, or Memoirs of a Geisha.
Bonus points to you if your story is set in Japan, features dragons or mermaids, or is a fairy tale retelling because I just eat those up. If you’ve got a healthy, swoon-worthy romance, a world of magic and nonhuman creatures, or even the next If You Follow Me, I’m probably going to be reading it, and of course, reviewing it with lots of memes and GIFs.
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PE Kavanagh


Give me a story that pulls me into the world the writer created and words that make me swoon, and I am a happy reader. Un-polished writing and a disregard for structural norms will do the opposite. My favorite genres are romance, women’s fiction, and literary fiction.

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Laurel A Rockefeller

I am a learning junkie. Research is the most fun part of my work as a biographical historian and author. Teach me something new and do it both concisely and with fluid, easy to understand language and you will win high marks from me. Use clumsy language and bad grammar or, with audiobooks, choose a narrator whose voice I find irritating, and you will soon discover how critical my pen can be.

My favourite genres, therefore, tend toward the non-fiction side. I love sciences (especially physics and astronomy) and social sciences (especially political science, sociology, psychology, and education). As a historian, I love non-fiction history of course–but as such, I am quick to notice any factual errors I see in your work. Yes, you have been warned. I am a world historian and very well-read across times, places, cultures, and religions. I find military history boring and generally steer clear of the 20th and 21st centuries unless it is a topic of especial interest.

Being low vision, I listen to a lot of audiobooks. If your book is available on Audible, even if it’s not my usual genre, PLEASE NOTE IT and offer a link to it when you apply for a review. If I listen to the sample and like what I hear, I might just take it up — even in genres I usually dislike. No erotica, please. I absolutely do not want to listen to an erotica audiobook.

Reviews of books in audio format will review both the author and the narrator and use the same format as found on Audible.

Laurel will be sharing her reviews on Twitter and Goodreads.

Olivia Wylie


I’ll read most things that have believable, empathetic characterization and good craftsmanship. I’m more inclined to read works whose covers catch my eye (yes I’ll admit it) but good writing inside a mediocre cover will persuade me. I lean towards the science-fiction and urban fantasy genres, but I enjoy a little high fantasy or historical now and again. I’m known to curl up with a nice cozy mystery, and I adore anything written with wit and with charm, be it steampunk or shifter romance. Contemporary literary works like Venice Is A Fish, The Girl With No Shadow and The Language Of Flowers are also up my alley. Diverse characters are a big plus for me. I’m a big fan of YA that revolves around personal growth rather than romance.

My general genre turn-offs are chick-lit, nihilistic grimdark, lit-rpg, The Great Misunderstanding romances, and hard BDSM. My only hard passes are anti-diverse books or narratives that depend on visceral torture scenes.

Disclaimer: I’ve got a bit of an anxiety condition and generally avoid reading too many scenes involving shaming, degradation, and entrapment. If there’s a good reason in the plot, I can get through it, but it better be a damn good reason.

My personal turn off is bad editing and formulaic plotting.

You’ve been warned!

I share sci-fi and future settings works under the blog of her pen name, and the attached science-fiction Facebook page, and occasionally on her own Facebook page if I find it exceptional. I post all other reviews to numerous groups where they fit, such as The Mythic Cafe and The Parasol Protectorate.

Donna Mulvenna

I’ll read anything that holds my interest. I like light-hearted reads with dry humour. I love historical fiction and of course anything with an environmental theme. I prefer not to read erotica or anything with blood and gore in it. I don’t normally read Sci-fi but I’ll happily give a critique a shot. I’m not into zombies.
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Tuesday Cross

Genres I prefer to Review: Paranormal Romance (No ghosts or zombies though, please.), Fantasy (all kinds), and Sci-Fi.
Flexible – I love fiction, if your book does not fall into one of the genres above but manages to grab my interest based on your short description, I’m likely to read it.
Genres I do not Review: Erotica, Non-fiction, and Children’s books.
BONUS POINTS: If a story has a strong female protagonist (or antagonist for that matter) and non-cringey romance (think ANTI-TWILIGHT), then I will have a hard time not reading a story.
Tuesday will be sharing the reviews on her FacebookTwitter Instagram, and her personal blog when they fall into the category of Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi.