Sales and reviews determine where your books rank among the thousands and thousands being cranked out every day in today’s publishing industry. Books need reviews in order to rank higher on the search pages. When readers are looking for something new to read, where does your book show up? Page 1 or page 1,001?


Marketing Your Book Review With Social Media


If people don’t know you have a book, they cannot buy it. Social media is the hottest ticket in town for marketing, and here at The Naked Reviewers, we provide an excellent marketing blueprint to get the word out to readers. With our marketing packages, you get reviews shared on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, and Medium. The review will be reblogged on several personal blogs, blasted across numerous social media sites, and your book is kept in the headlines where it belongs.

Collectively, we have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, personal blogs, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Take a Look at What We Offer

Every reviewer listed on the preference and guidelines page who receives a free copy of the book will leave a review on The Naked Reviewers. All free book reviews come with:

  • An author bio
  • A picture of you or your brand.
  • On the day the reviews go live, the link to the reviews will be shared on The Naked Reviewers Facebook group, Medium (where you can go clap up to 50 times for more exposure, and Twitter by Sherry Terry

1. Basic:$140

Shared by at least everyone who receives a free copy on Amazon and Goodreads. We will also post it to our social media with an advertisement we make, which you can keep. Your reviews are shared 3 times across the social media of any reviewer who received a free copy for one day. Example: if 4 people sign up to review your book, the review will be shared across a variety of social media with thousands and thousands of friends and followers 12 times.

2. Upgrade: $160

Everything in the Basic + 2 times across all reviewer’s social media for two days. Example: if 4 reviewers sign up to review your book, they will also share the review to all of their social media equaling 20 times in two days.

3. The Bonanza: $200

Everything in the Upgrade + 1 time a day for a week. This will equal 10 shares across all the social media of all the reviewers who receive a free copy. Example: if 3 people sign up to review your book, the review and link to purchase the book will be shared across a variety of social media 30 times during the week.

4. The Mega Package: $250

Everything in The Bonanza + an author interview hosted on Very Sherry Terry’s blog that will include links to all of your social media, an author bio, and at least 10 of your books with purchase links.

5. The Gut Buster: $350

Everything in The Mega Package + a Takeover Event along with 3 other authors hosted by Very Sherry Terry on her Facebook. The Takeover Event includes:

  • Time devoted to you and your books. Sherry has done tons of these events and is more than excited to help you with everything up to and including content. You are more than welcome to post whatever you want during your time – keep it R rated, please.
  • The chance to win free books and prizes.
  • The opportunity to connect with your fans, make new fans, promote your catalog, bring traffic to your social media, and possibly make a few sales.
  • Everyone from the group who gets a free copy of your book will attend the takeover to keep things moving and fun. (this package requires for you to be willing to give a prize of at least one free book or swag to one winner)

What the Heck Is a Takeover Event?

They are a fun way to connect with your fans, gain new fans, and draw traffic to you and your books. These events have a big future. Once people go to them, they become addicted to winning and interacting with the authors. More readers are discovering this way to find new authors every day. They are a blast!

Here is an article that explains everything you ever wanted to know about a Facebook Takeover.

This is a takeover event Sherry hosted in the past. Please feel free to take a look around and see how it works. These are tons of fun.

Pick a Package and Let’s Get Started!

Once you decide which marketing package works best for you, hit the buy now button next to it.

Easy peasy.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Sherry Terry at