The Naked Reviewers gives honest reviews. When readers come to The Naked Reviewers, they are looking for a good book to read with no muss or fuss. They don’t waste time scrolling through books that might not be all that great to find something that is well-written and well done.
When an author fills out the contact form, your submission is evaluated carefully. Several criteria are taken into consideration and given a star rating between 1 and 5. The stars are added together, and if the score is 16 or above, the book is accepted for review.
Things We Consider
Examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly are provided at the bottom.
The cover – is it a cut and paste job with several layers that try to tell the whole story, was it put together by someone who dose not have experience creating best selling covers? Or, is it done well?
The blurb – are there typos, punctuation errors, no restraint shown by telling the whole story… Or, is it error free and intriguing with just enough information to make a reader want to find out more?
The formatting – does the font change mid story, are there hyphenated words that shouldn’t be hyphenated (this happens when writers use a translator to English), is the spacing all over the place, is it obvious that whoever did the formatting hasn’t done it before… Or, is it easy to read with consistency like a real book.
Read the “look inside” portion – Is the writing well done with strong sentences, a clear POV, a good start on characterization… Or, is it full of passive, weak sentences with a lot of infodumpy backstory and a character with no personality?
Some examples of 1-star and 5-star books as judged by The Naked Reviewers:
1-Star Covers:
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10  3
5-star covers:
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Bad Formatting:

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Find the reasons these blurbs are 1-star:
I removed the spacing between paragraphs for the first blurb to condense the size.
Once upon a time, there lived a king . the king loves his wife and foster daughter like nothing else in the world.
One day, the king’s wife died a sudden death. The king was very unhappy that he decided to stay the rest of his life without another woman.
The king knows that he can never get another wife like the Queen who was loving, kind and obedient.
The king wanted a woman who would put on his former wife’s bracelet comfortably.
One day, the kingsmen informed the king of the need for him to get another wife. That the kingdom feels lifeless without one.
The kingsmen informed him that the best woman for him in the entire kingdom is his foster daughter, Princess Laylah.
The king, being in his sixties, and a man of deep cultural values, saw no problem with the matchmakers” suggestion. So, they went about making arrangements for the wedding.
Princess Laylah has always considered the Queen as her mother. She deeply obeyed her as a child would a mother. The Princess did not know that she is an adopted child. No one told her.
Nothing was altered in this blurb:
In 1066 upon the death of Edward the Confessor, Harald Hadraada, King of Norway challenged for the crown of England, claiming it was his through his bloodline. He led a large force of over 400 longships to England and after a few initial victories was defeated during the Battle of Stamford Bridge, near York, by Harold Goodwinson. Only 24 longships returned to Norway.
Two weeks later Harold Goodwinson and his army, exhausted by the forced-march from York to Hastings, were defeated William the Conqueror. And the rest they say is history. Or is it?
Questions remain. What happened to the Vikings after Stamford Bridge? Where did they go? What did they do?
Well Legend of the Last Vikings is just one possibility…………..
Nothing was altered in this blurb:
When a cheerful high school girl’s life turns out to be a nightmare, when all the truths would be hidden and life became like a labyrinth and no one would be able to figure out who was the one saying the truth and who was using people’s search for the truth as a shield to get rid of people, then life would turn out to be a horrible place where the only language that could be understood would be death and killing. Ariel was always the first to come out and protect her friend Brook. After Brook passed away in a fire, Arial found out that her body no longer belongs to her. Brook’s angry spirit and murdered soul came back to take revenge on the devil through the body of her best friend Ariel. Ariel started to see unbelievable things and she started seeing her friend jumping from the roof, again and again, at the beginning she thought she went insane but later she realized that she lost control over her body. A criminal psychologist working at schools Elijah entered the fray as the story takes place among high school students, uses her special powers and monstrous strength. And the genius criminal psychologist Elijah who became an expert in serial crimes planned his revenge on the man Oliver who helped his family’s killer go.
The Writing:
This is the most subjective. Each reviewer has their own pet peeves, likes, dislikes, and favorites. My personal pet peeve is weak sentences. I want strong paragraphs with sentences that are not filled with passive, weak wording. The best way for me to explain this is to share an article that I think shows what I am personally looking for.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Does my story have a strong consistent point of view? Does my character describe themselves? Do they feel, hear, see, or wonder around deciding to do this or that? Is there a lot of backstory dumped in to explain things? Do I jump from one character to another?

Is this your character?

Sally walked down the street, flipping her long, blonde, curly hair over her shapely, tanned shoulder….

John bent down to tie his shoe, exposing his rock hard butt and his red t-shirt stretched tightly over his bulging arms and muscular back…

No two people are exactly alike or like the same things for the exact same reasons. One reviewer may find a book a 5-star prodigy destined for the explosion of success like 50 Shades of Grey while another might find the same book a 3-star drudgery that was hard to finish. As an author, you will never please everyone, and the good must come with some bad in order to really appreciate the great.

The devil is in the details. How your book is presented is just as important as the story and the cover and the back cover blurb. Want to be a breakout star like the author of Harry Potter? Present yourself as a star from the beginning.