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General all Members:

When you join The Naked Reviews you are agreeing to the following:

  • These terms and conditions may be updated or ammended at any time. You will recieve an email informing you of any changes.
    By continuing to remain a member after being advised of any changes you are accepting the new Terms and Condtions. If you do not accept the new terms and conditions you MUST cancel your membership.
  • Your Name, email adress, and profile infomation will be kept in a secure database accessable only to our administrators.
  • You can request your information at any time by email to admin@thenakedreviewers.com
  • You can cancel any e-mail subscripiotions or notifications at any time.
  • You can cancel your membership at any time.
  • If you do cancel your membership, all your information will be permanently removed from our system and we will not be able to retieve it..
  • Any member who recieves a free book from The naked Reviewers and distributes that free book to anyone in any form anywhere will be considered a PIRATE and may be held legally responsible and can be charged in a court of law.
  • Any acts of Piracey, Copyright infringement, or anything else that may be considered illegal WILL be reported and your membership suspended.
  • If you are the owner of the copyright of any book or portion of any book such as illustrations, text or images and it has been made available on our website without your permission please advise us immediately {Insert link to contact form}

You must be a member of The Naked Reviewers:

  • To leave comments
  • To request a book review
  • To submit a book review
  • To subscribe for email notices or subscibe to a mailing list
  • To save favourites
  • To become a Professional Reviewer
  • To become a Librarian
  • To become a Contributor


  • As a subscriber you may leave a review in the comments of any book(s) that you have read.
  • You may leave other comments in our General Topics Post or in our Forum
  • All comments are moderated and any that are considered off-topic or contain links that may be considered spam may be summarily deleted


  • When you submit a book for review, your submission will be sent to our staff of professionals for aproval. {Insert meet the team link here}
  • You must provide either a link to your book where our select Professional Reviewers will be able to download or
  • Attach a free copy of your book to your submission. The attached copy may be a watermarked copy as long as the watermark does not detract from reading your book.
  • If you are submitting an ARC {advance reader copy} you MUST include a release/presale date.
  • ARC submissions must be identical in every way including the cover, to the published edition.
  • ARC submissions must be approved by an Administrator or Librarian before they willl be made available to our Reviewers
  • When approved your free book will be added to a list that can only be accessed by our Reviewers Administrators and Librarians.
  • If a Reviewer chooses your book their review will be posted publicly on our website and may be posted on any of the reviewers social media, which may vary for each reviewer.
  • Once a public review has been posted Your book will also be available to be downloaded and reviewed by a Contributor.
  • An Author may or may not also be a Contributor.


  • A contributor may or may not also be an Author.
  • To become a Contributor you must have at least three approved comments as a free subscriber.
  • Contributors can download and review books that have already been reviewed and may submit books for review.
  • Any Contributor who recieves a free book must submit a review for posting within 90 days.
  • Any contributor who fails to submit a review of a book or provide a valid reason not to will be demoted to Free Subscriber.
  • Contibutors are permitted to download only one book at a time. When they have submiited thier review and it has been approved they will permitted to download another book.


To join our team of professionals

  • You must first be a Contibutor and have at least three approved reviews posted.
  • To join our team of PROFESSIONAL REVIEWERS you must apply for the position {Insert link to Application form}

Reviewers Can:

  • Freely dowload and review free books.
  • Create new posts and pages.
  • Approve and review books submitted for review.

Reviewers are:

  • Our Reviewers are All Professionals in the Litterary or Publishing Industry.
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