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How Do You Get This Fabulous Thing?

Use the book submission form to send us the link to the ebook you want to be reviewed. As a group, we vote on every book that is submitted. We consider the cover, the back cover blurb, the formatting, and we read the “look inside” section, or we need the first chapter as a sample.

From that information, if we feel as a group we cannot give the book at least 4-stars, you will receive an email with some friendly recommendations and suggestions. We DO NOT guarantee 4-star reviews. Many books look really good until about chapter 3, where they promptly fall apart.

If your book is accepted, you will be assigned a date of when the review will go live. The Naked Reviewers will guarantee at least two reviews by two different people and more reviews posted in the comments. We are a small, boutique group and each reviewer signs up for the book they want to review. The overall number of reviews will be based on how many reviewers sign up for your book.

Your Review

On the day your review goes live, you will be sent a bit.ly link to share how you wish. Your book with the blurb, a purchase link, and at least two reviews will be posted on The Naked Reviewers for one week.

Be sure to share the link to the reviews on your social media. The more people who see it, the more chances you have to sell books, which gives you more chances for more reviews. Finding readers is a key ingredient in expanding your fan base and generating sales.

The Dirty Secret to Finding More Readers

Finding readers, gathering fans, making sales, and quitting our day job is a dream for many authors. But, how do you achieve that goal? No one has a definitive answer, and there is no one-size-fits-all method to reaching your Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but getting the word out to as many people as you can is a huge step in the right direction. Want to really get the word out about your book? We can do that for you with one word.


Marketing is the number one way to tell people you have a book for sale. We are now offering Book of the Month where your book and the reviews will be front and center for a month. We now offer Author Interviews and an amazing annual awards progam. See our marketing blueprint for prices and information on Book of the Month and MORE.

If people don’t know about your book, they cannot buy it. In order to do well and make sales, every book needs reviews and marketing to reach a large audience. Let us help you get the word out.

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